Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vertebrates of Berrien County, Michigan

Vetebrates (animals with backbones or spinal columns) belong to the Subphylum Vertebrata within the Phylum Chordata). Collectively, the 522 species of vertebrates known from Berrien County represent 6 classes, 47 orders, 105 families, and 301 genera. Links to species lists for each of the 6 classes of vertebrates represented in Berrien County:
  • Lampreys (Class Cephalaspidomorphi: 5 species)
  • Fishes (Class Actinopterygii: 101 species)
  • Amphibians (Class Amphibia: 18 species)
  • Reptiles (Class Reptilia: 15 species)
  • Birds (Class Aves: 333 species)
  • Mammals (Class Mammalia: 50 species)

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