Thursday, July 27, 2006

If Only Binoculars Were Cool

From native-Oregonian Pepper Trail comes this cool essay in which he compares the nerdy sport of birdwatching with the way-cool sport of fly fishing, and his dream of writing a literary treatise on birdwatching:
Maybe something like ... "With a practiced motion, Brent lifted his binoculars, his index finger rotating the focus ring even as the superb German optics rose toward his eyes. Graceful as a dancer, he crouched slightly and directed his lenses through the trembling aspen leaves, at the exact moment that the wildly crying woodpecker, its heart-stopping swoop-and-rise complete, alighted upon the sun-dappled trunk. It was a Williamson's sapsucker, 50 grams of feathered freedom ..." Oh, never mind.


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