Friday, September 24, 2010

Birds and Drought: Crop Damage

In the wake of a drier-than-normal summer—with some areas experiencing a rainfall deficit of 5 or 6 inches—the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a drought warning for 24 counties, and a drought watch for 43 more.

Among the problems caused by the drought were reports of crop damage caused by birds. Ted Dymond, the owner of Dymond Farms in Luzerne County’s Franklin Township, had this to say:
The biggest problem we had, the dry weather created a shortage of moisture for birds. We had a lot of bird damage this year, and I kind of relate that to the drought.
This anecdotal report fails to identify the crops damaged (cucumbers and beans are mentioned in the context of the report, but neither is specifically identified as a crop damaged by birds), the type or extent of damages, or the species of bird(s) responsible for damages.

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