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Butterflies of Berrien County, Michigan

The butterflies are a somewhat artificial subgroup of the Order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) of the Class Insecta. Lepidopterists have traditionally separated butterflies (Rhopalocera) from moths (Heterocera) based largely on the club-like antennae of butterflies and the feather-like antennae of moths, a practice followed here for simplicity.

The 75 species of butterflies attributed to Berrien County represent 5 families, 15 subfamilies, and 52 genera. In the following list, an asterisk (*) denotes a species documented from the county in Sherman Moore’s (1960) A revised annotated list of the butterflies of Michigan (.pdf), while a hat (^) denotes a species attributed to the county in Butterflies and moths of North America (BMNA). Species validity, taxonomy, and nomenclature were checked against the All-Leps North American checklist:

Family Hesperiidae (skippers):
Subfamily Pyrginae (spread-wing skippers):
  • Achalarus lyciades, hoary edge*^
  • Epargyreus clarus, silver-spotted skipper*^
  • Erynnis brizo, sleepy duskywing*^
  • Erynnis icelus, dreamy duskywing^
  • Erynnis horatius, Horace’s duskywing*^
  • Erynnis juvenalis, Juvenal’s duskywing^
  • Pholisora catullus, common sootywing*^
  • Pyrgus communis, common checkered-skipper*^
  • Thorybes pylades, northern cloudywing^
  • Subfamily Hesperiinae (grass skippers):
  • Anatrytone (=Atrytone) logan, Delaware skipper^
  • Ancyloxypha numitor, least skipper*^
  • Euphyes bimacula, two-spotted skipper^
  • Euphyes (=Atrytone) conspicua, black dash*^
  • Euphyes (=Atrytone) vestries (=ruricola), dun skipper^
  • Hesperia leonardus, Leonard’s skipper*^
  • Hylephila phyleus, fiery skipper^
  • Poanes hobomok, Hobomok skipper^
  • Poanes massasoit, mulberry wing*^
  • Poanes zabulon, Zabulon skipper^
  • Poanes viator, broad-winged skipper^
  • Polites peckius, Peck’s skipper*^
  • Polites origenes, crossline skipper^
  • Polites themistocles, tawny-edged skipper*
  • Pompeius verna, little glassywing*^
  • Thymelicus lineola, European skipper^
  • Wallengrenia egeremet (=ortho), northern broken-dash*^
  • Family Lycaenidae (gossamer-wing butterflies):
    Subfamily Lycaeninae (coppers):
  • Lycaena helloides, purplish copper^
  • Lycaena hyllus, bronze copper^
  • Lycaena phlaeas, American copper*^
  • Subfamily Theclinae (hairstreaks):
  • Calycopis (=Strymon) cecrops, red-banded hairstreak*^
  • Satyrium (=Strymon) acadica, Acadian hairstreak*^
  • Satyrium (=Strymon) titus, coral hairstreak*^
  • Strymon melinus, gray hairstreak*^
  • Subfamily Polyommatinae (blues):
  • Celastrina ladon/neglecta, spring/summer azure*^ #
  • Cupido (=Everes) comyntas, eastern tailed blue*^
    # Listed as Lycaenopsis argiolus (=Celastrina ladon) by Moore and Celastrina neglecta by BMNA. Because of confusion about the identity and geographic limits of these two taxa, they are here treated as a species complex.
  • Family Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies):
    Subfamily Apaturinae (emperors):
  • Asterocampa clyton, tawny emperor^
  • Subfamily Danainae (milkweed butterflies):
  • Danaus plexippus, monarch* ^
  • Subfamily Heliconiinae (fritillaries):
  • Boloria selene, silver-border fritillary^
  • Euptoieta Claudia, variegated fritillary*^
  • Speyeria Aphrodite, Aphrodite fritillary*^
  • Speyeria cybele, great spangled fritillary*^
  • Speyeria idalia, regal fritillary*^
  • Subfamily Libytheinae (snouts):
  • Libytheana carinenta, American snout^
  • Subfamily Limenitidinae (admirals and relatives):
  • Limenitis arthemis, red-spotted purple*^
  • Limenitis archippus, viceroy*^
  • Subfamily Nymphalinae (crescents, checkerspots, anglewings, etc.):
  • Aglais (=Nymphalis) milbertii, Milbert’s tortoiseshell*^
  • Euphydryas phaeton, Baltimore checkerspot^
  • Junonia (=Precis) coenia, common buckeye*^
  • Nymphalis antiopa, mourning cloak*^
  • Phyciodes tharos, pearl crescent*^
  • Polygonia comma, eastern comma*
  • Polygonia interrogationis, question mark*^
  • Vanessa atalanta, red admiral*^
  • Vanessa cardui, painted lady^
  • Vanessa virginiensis, American lady*^
  • Subfamily Satyrinae (satyrs and wood-nymphs):
  • Cercyonis pegala, common wood nymph*^
  • Megisto (=Euptychia) cymela, little wood satyr*^
  • Neonympha (=Euptychia) mitchellii, Mitchell’s satyr*^
  • Satyrodes Appalachia, Appalachian brown^
  • Satyrodes Eurydice, eyed brown^
  • Family Papilionidae (swallowtails):
    Subfamily Papilioninae (swallowtails):
  • Battus philenor, pipevine swallowtail^
  • Eurytides (=Papilio) marcellus, zebra swallowtail*^
  • Papilio cresphontes, giant swallowtail*^
  • Papilio glaucus, eastern tiger swallowtail*^
  • Papilio polyxenes, black swallowtail*^
  • Papilio troilus, spicebush swallowtail*^
  • Family Pieridae (whites and sulphurs):
    Subfamily Pierinae (whites):
  • Euchloe olympia, Olympia marble*^
  • Pieris rapae, cabbage white*^
  • Pontia protodice, checkered white*^
  • Subfamily Coliadinae (sulphurs):
  • Colias eurytheme, orange sulphur^
  • Colias philodice, clouded sulphur*^
  • Nathalis iole, dainty sulphur^
  • Pyrisitia lisa, little yellow^
  • Zerene (=Colias) cesonia, southern dogface*^

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