Friday, March 09, 2007


The next time someone asks you about your interests or hobbies, don’t just say that you’re a bird watcher or birder (how boring); really impress them by describing yourself as an ornithophile or (depending on the severity of your condition) ornithomaniac, and that you practice ornithophilism. That’s sure to raise an eyebrow or two!

Here are some more ornitho-words (in alphabetical order) to add to your vocabulary for that special occasion:

  • Ornithological – of or pertaining to the scientific study of birds
  • Ornithologist – a person who engages in the scientific study of birds
  • Ornithology – the scientific study of birds
  • Ornithomania – an obsessive-compulsive disorder involving the pursuit and listing of birds to the point where social relations or health are damaged (cf. here)
  • Ornithomaniac – a person who is afflicted with ornithomania
  • Ornithomanic - the adjective form of ornithomania
  • Ornithophagy – the eating of birds
  • Ornithophagous – a bird-eating diet
  • Ornithophile – a person who admires or loves birds
  • Ornithophilia – an alternate (modern) word for ornithophily, the love of birds
  • Ornithophiliac – a person who engages in ornithophilia
  • Ornithophilic – the adjective form of ornithophile
  • Ornithophilism – the practice of loving birds
  • Ornithophily – the legitimate love of birds (cf. here)
  • Ornithophobia - the fear of birds
  • Ornithophobiac - a person with a fear of birds
  • Ornithophobic - the adjective form of ornithophobia

    This indulgence was prompted by this post at the Musing on Nature & Other Interests blog.

    Blogger Bill Pulliam said...

    I don't think I'd describe myself as an "ornithophile" in public...

    Google the word "zoophile" or "zoophilia" with safe search turned off and no children or coworkers peeking over your shoulders, and you will see why.

    March 09, 2007 3:03 PM  

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