Monday, March 16, 2009

Telephone-pole Beetles of Berrien County, Michigan

The Telephone-pole Beetle is the sole member of the Family Micromalthidae. The presence of this beetle in Berrien County is presumed based on its known distribution.

In the following list, numerical notations in parentheses are used to indicate the known geographic distribution of the genus, where (1a) denotes distribution throughout the northeastern U.S. from Maine to Illinois and Wisconsin (following Arnett 1993) and (4) denotes occurrence in Ontario (following Campbell in Bousquet 1991). Numbers in brackets are the number of known North American species in the family and genus.
Family Micromalthidae (Telephone-pole Beetle) [1]:
  • Micromalthus debilis, Telephone-pole Beetle (1a,4) [1]

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