Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reticulated Beetles of Berrien County, Michigan

The reticulated beetles (Family Cupedidae) are one of the many families of beetles (Order Coleoptera) that exist outside the knowledge of the average person. According to Arnett (1993), "Adults and larvae [are] found in logs of oak, chestnut, and pine with adults sometimes found swarming in sunlit woods." Of the 5 species known from the U.S. and Canada, just a single species is common in the Great Lakes region, being known from Michigan and Indiana (Dunn 1996) and presumed to occur in Berrien County.

In the following list, numerical notations in parentheses are used to indicate the known distribution of a genus (following Arnett 1993), with 1+5 indicating a genus found in both the northeastern U.S. and Canada and the north-central U.S.
Family Cupedidae (reticulated beetles):
  • Cupes sp. (1+5)
  • Cupes concolor, Mottled Cupes [IN, MI]

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