Friday, July 12, 2002

Source of Maryland Snakeheads Revealed

Thanks to some clever environmental sleuthing by investigators with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the mystery of how the exotic snakehead came to populate a pond near Crofton has been solved: two fish were intentional released there by a Crofton resident two years ago. Read the latest news in the Washington Post for the bizarrre details as to how this individual happened to be in position of two live snakeheads in the first place. Incredibly, the penalty in Maryland for releasing a nonnative species into the environment is a mere $40 fine--in this case, the statute of limitations had expired. Maryland officials will now have to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to eradicate the fish (the Crofton pair has produced young), which has the potential to become invasive and wreak havoc on the ecosystem if established.


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