Thursday, July 11, 2002

Planting Buddleia

An extremely pleasant day and evening--daytime temperatures in the high 70s or low 80s brought a pleasant respite from the 90 degree weather we've been experiencing for the past week. It was so nice when I got home from work that I was inspired to venture out in the backyard and plant three of the five Buddleia bushes that we bought last weekend. Better known as Butterfly Bush, I at first was hesitated to plant any at all in the yard because they are not native to the U.S. They're also quite easy to growh, produce an abundance of brilliant flowers, and attract a whole host of hative butterflies. I've also convinced myself that they are rather benign in an ecological sense, that their ability to become an invasive is rather low. If it hadn't been for all the weeds I had to pull to make way for the Buddleia, I would have had time to plant all five of them. These five will eventually join the other Buddleia that we planted several years ago. We must now have just about every color of Buddleia known to science: dark purple, light blue, light pink, dark pink, yellow, and white. It will be interesting to see which ones the butterflies prefer.


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