Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Falconry Blogs

Falconry is the ancient art of training raptors (hawks and falcons) for sport. The "sport" involves training the birds to fly from the hand in pursuit of their natural prey. In the United States, falconers and the sport of falconry is rigidly controlled by regulations issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Hundreds of books have been written on the subject of falconry. Given the continued worldwide popularity of falconry, it’s not surprising that a "community" of bloggers is writing about the topic. Here’s a list of 23 such blogs I have encountered in the last couple of months (there are undoubtedly many more):
  • Abby (TX)
  • Accipitrarius Sordidatus
  • Another Falconry Blog (CO)
  • Aquiling (OK)
  • As the Falcon, Her Bells (OK)
  • Biggio (TX)
  • Bird Lovers 101 (GA)
  • Caveat Lepus (WA)
  • Dartmoor Hawking (Devon, UK)
  • Falcon Fever (Czech Republic)
  • Falconer on the Edge (NY)
  • Falconry in the Valley of the Mississippi (LA)
  • Flyover Country (NE)
  • Fretmarks
  • Harris’ Hawk Blog (NC)
  • Hawks and Hijinks (FL)
  • Iowafalconer’s Falconry Blog (IA)
  • Joe Atkinson’s Eagle Journal
  • Ladyhawker – On Sabbatical (WI)
  • Little Mews on the Prairie (OK)
  • My Adventures in Falconry (WA)
  • Nevada Falconry (NV)
  • Norfolk Falconry (Norfolk, UK)
  • Operation Delta Duck (CA)
  • Operation Desert Dove (CA)
  • Raptor Barn (ID)
  • Woodlands Falconry (County Carlow, Ireland)
  • Last revised: 4/5/09.


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