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Known North American Bird Blogs #7

This list was last updated on June 2, 2007, when the net addition of 15 blogs brought the list of known North American bird blogs to 223.

This update (a) adds 34 blogs and (b) deletes 13 12 blogs (including 11 that are no longer available and 2 1 that are is no longer about birds); the net result is the addition of 21 22 blogs, yielding (c) a total of 244 245 known North American bird blogs currently available online (including 24 with no posts in the past 12 months that are defined as inactivee).

Criteria for inclusion on this list are found here.

(a) New Blogs (n=34):
  • Arkansas Birding – “Birding & photography of Arkansas birds,” by J. Karl Clampit in Arkansas (June 2007)
  • Avian Tendencies – by Caleb Putnam in Grand Rapids, Michigan (January 2007)
  • Bird Year Blog – “a year-long, 12,000-mile fossil-fuel-free journey in search of birds,” by 15-year-old Malkolm Boothroyd and his parents (April 2007)
  • Biological Ramblings – “Your source for the latest science musings straight from my brain,” by Nick Sly in New York (April 2007)
  • Colder by the Lake Birding – by Mike Hendrickson in Duluth, Minnesota (August 2007)
  • Craig’s Birds – “Birding and photography of Minnesota birds,” by Craig K. Marble in Minnesota (April 2006)
  • Ecobirder – “Birding, Wildlife, Environment,” by Ecobirder in St. Paul, Minnesota (April 2007)
  • Fledging Birders Blog – “Reflections and stories of sharing the appreciation of birds and nature with kids,” by Dave M. in southern New Jersey (April 2007)
  • Fort Jefferson Dry Tortugas Birding Blog – by Debra Hess (August 2007)
  • From My Perch – “Birdwatching photos and stories,” by Maria Bajema in Michigan (February 2007)
  • International Bird Rescue Research Center – “News, views and photos from IBRRC on the San Francisco Bay oil spill response,” by Russ Curtis in San Francisco, California (November 2007)
  • Iowa Voice – “Speaking through the camera,” by Moe in the Quad Cities, Iowa (January 2007)
  • Life, Birds, and Everything – “Blogging about wild things that make my heart sing,” by Sherri Williamson in Arizona (August 2007)
  • Minnesota Birdnerd – by a high school science teacher in the Twin Cities, Minnesota (June 2007)
  • My Birds Blog – “A selection of birds who visited in my backyard and left a lasting digital impression,” by Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio (September 2007)
  • Nature Knitter – “Stories and pictures about birds and nature mostly in my backyard, with occasional bits of pets, knitting, weather, food and family thrown in for variety,” by Ruth Johnson in Rochester, Minnesota (March 2007)
  • NCIOS – North Central Illinois Ornithological Society – the blog of the Rockford Bird Club in Rockford, Illinois (February 2007)
  • Neo Birding – by Jim McCarty in Cleveland, Ohio (July 2007)
  • Nervous birds – “One should leave the world they experience not as they found it…they should leave it better,” by Dan Haas in Annapolis, Maryland (April 2007)
  • OC Warbler – “Birding (mis)adventures in Orange County, California, and beyond,” by Felicia in Costa Mesa, California (May 2007)
  • Ornitheologisms – by Ornitheologist (September 2007)
  • Ortego Birds – “Where Big Bird comes to nest,” by Brent Ortego in Texas (May 2007)
  • Pish – by Bennet in Massachusetts (November 2007)
  • Roger’s Blog – “Bird observations primarily western Oregon,” by Roger in Oregon (April 2007)
  • Sibley Guides Notebook – “Bird identification and more related to the Sibley guide to birds,” by David Sibley (August 2007)
  • The Backyard Birdman – “Who wants to learn more about how to attract wild birds to your backyard,” by Larry Jordan in northern California (September 2007)
  • The Drinking Bird – “Birding and whatnot,” by N8 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (July 2007)
  • The Feather and the Flower – by Noflickster in Horseheads, New York (March 2007)
  • The Houston Birder – “Random tales and thoughts of a birder in Houston,” by Carey in Houston, Texas (April 2006)
  • The Nightjar - “Where the ancient world meets the modern world,” by HoaryRedpoll in New York (April 2007)
  • The Zen Birdfeeder – “focuses on the birds and other nature we find in our own yards and the principles of attention, acceptance, and responsibility,” by Nancy Castillo in Saratoga Springs, New York (April 2007)
  • Vermont Center for Ecostudies – “News and notes from the Vermont Center for Ecostudies” (January 2006)
  • Vulture Cafe – “Picking up bits and pieces from the side of the road,” by Dawn in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (October 2007)
  • WBU’s Birding Blog – by the owners, staff, and customers of Wild Birds Unlimited in Tallahassee, Florida (August 2007)
  • Weekend Shooter – “A Photo Blog,” by John Mikes in Woodbury, Minnesota (June 2007)
(b.1) Deleted Blogs/No longer available (n=11):
  • 2007 Big Year Blog
  • Bird the Planet
  • BirdBlog – Ruffling Feathers
  • Birding Watching in South Florida
  • Chicago Bird Watching
  • Eric’s Birding Blog
  • Hamilton Birding
  • Illinois Birding Blog
  • Ohio Birding Blog
  • TrumbullBirders’s Bird Blog
  • VINS Conservation Biology Blog
(b.2) Deleted Blogs/No longer about birds (n=2 1):
  • Fluid Five Birding
  • Ivory-bill Skeptic (now re-titled Tom Nelson, it focuses on climate-change issues) Note: I have decided to retain Tom Nelson on the list of known North American blogs because of it's large archive of material on the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.
(c) Complete List of Known North American Bird Blogs (n=244 245)
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    Blogger Patrick B. said...

    Man... that's a lot of feeds to read... thanks for keeping up with this list!

    December 20, 2007 1:12 PM  
    Blogger Shelly said...

    I'd love to be included in your list! It has been very helpful to me in finding bird blogs to read :) My Avian Friends -

    December 20, 2007 6:35 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for keeping the list! Great resource!!

    December 20, 2007 10:04 PM  
    Blogger Unknown said...

    You are quite wonderful to provide such a complete list of birding blogs , we look at it quite often!

    Great birding to you always!

    December 21, 2007 2:37 PM  
    Blogger Jeff said...

    I've been running a (mainly) birding blog for over two years.

    It's called "SE Texas Wildlife" and is at


    January 29, 2008 4:25 PM  

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