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Known North American Bird Blogs #5

This list was last updated on March 14, 2007, when the addition of 42 species blogs brought the list of known North American bird blogs to 179.

This update (a) adds 30 blogs, (b) deletes 1 blog that is no longer available, and includes (c) 155 active blogs and (d) 23 inactive blogs previously listed. The number of known North American bird blogs now stands at 208.

A blog is considered inactive if no entries have been posted in the last 90 days. For the 23 inactive blogs listed here, the median number of days elapsed since the last entry was posted is 307 (range 152-439).

To be included on this list, sites must meet the following criteria: (1) the subject matter is primarily or consistently about birds, birding, or birders; (2) the author(s) are physically located in North America or write about birds, birding, or birders on that continent; it was active in the past (i.e., at least one entry) and can be accessed; and (4) it is structured in the format of a blog (i.e., dated entries in reverse chronological order).

(a) New Blogs (n=30):
“Witchities” World Series of Birding Blog – by Brian Herriott in Evanston, Illinois (initiated October 2005; inactive since 05/12/06) [an “old” blog rediscovered]

2007 Big Year Blog! – “Bird photography and identification,” by Tim Avery in Southport, Indiana (January 2007)

At the Bird Feeder – by Ken in Manitoba (January 2007)

Big Spring Birds – “All things to do with birds on the Big Spring (Cumberland County, Pennsylvania) along with other more general birding topics,” by Vern in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (March 2007)

Bird Blog – “Practically every day I take some bird pictures,” by Dorothy E. Pugh in Durham, North Carolina (February 2005)

Bird Watching in Westcliffe – “Living a simple life in a not so simple world,” by Janet in Westcliffe, Colorado (May 2006)

Birding Life – “Avian ephemera,” by Katie in Brooklyn, New York (February 2006)

Birding Virginia – “a blog to keep my thoughts on birding & also my sightings,” by Les Willis in Virginia (February 2007)

Birding/Wild Birds – from, by Christine Tarski (July 2003)

Birdinggirl – “Adventures in New England birdwatching,” by Birdinggirl in Boston, Massachusetts (November 2006)

Birds – from Suite, by Rosemary Drisdelle (April 2006)

Birds, Bats and Beyond – “With the help of a screech-owl cam, keeping watch on North Jersey’s winged wonders,” by Jim Wright in Northern Jersey (March 2007)

Blue Lizard Birding Blog – “Home of Liz of the cosmos,” by Eliza Gordon in Lewes, Delaware (March 2006)

Brandon’s Birding Blog – by Brandon J. Green (February 2007)

Eric’s Birding Blog – “A blog about Eric and Jody’s birding outings,” by Eric Goodell near Palo Alto, California (January 2006)

Fairfax Birding – “a group blog about birding, birds, and nature. Our focus is on the Fairfax area in Northern Virginia, but this will not stop us from posting about birds in other areas,” by Jeff and Greg in Fairfax, Virginia (January 2007)

Field of View – “What the editors of Birder’s World (and a few of the editors’ good friends) find in their field of view when they work on the magazine, look through binoculars, and consider the world of birds and birdwatching,” by Chuck Hagner and Matt Mendenhall (February 2007)

Gone Birding...Blog – “News blog for Gone Birding…trip reports, news and announcements,” by Rich Mooney in Parksville, British Columbia

Greensboro Birds – “regales you semi-daily with tales of amateur birdwatching in North Carolina’s beautiful Piedmont region” (September 2006)

Illinois Birding Blog – “Birding & conservation in the prairie State,” by the Birdfreak Team in Rockford, Illinois (online since March 2007) [not to be confused with Illinois Birds]

Imprints – “The journal of the Rochester falconcam,” by the Genesee Valley Audubon Society in Rochester, New York (March 2007)

Laura’s Birding Blog – “For the love, understanding, and protection of birds,” by Laura Erickson in Minnesota (March 2007) [Laura formerly blogged at the now-defunct BirderBlog]

Lovely dark and deep - "from kingbirds to kookaburras," by Corey Finger aka Scott Catskill in Albany, New York (February 2007)

My Backyard Birds – “One woman’s adventures in backyard birding” in Virginia (July 2006)

Osprey Project – a classroom project to teach children about Ospreys, coordinated by a team of Project Contributors in Indiana (January 2007)

Semipalmated Llama – “Birding blog,” by Andy Sewell in Columbus, Ohio (April 2007)

The Birdist – by birdDC in Aspen, Colorado (December 2006)

Toronto Bird Observatory Blog – “station reports and announcements,” by Marg in Toronto, Ontario (December 2005) Birding Blog – “Birding in San Francisco,” by Harry Fuller in San Francisco, California (June 2006)

Winged Wonders – by Dave M. in South Jersey (January 2007)
(b) Deleted Blog/No longer available (n=1):
(c) Active Blogs (n=155):
10,000 Birds
2 Birders to Go
A DC Birding Blog
Aimophila Adventures
Alan's BirdCam Blog
Alis Volat Propiis
Antshrike's Bird Page
Audubon's Daughter
Avian Tendencies
B and B - Birds
Backyard Birder
Bay Area Birding
Beakspeak - The Big Bird Blog
Beginning to bird
Bell Tower Birding
Betsy's Bird Journal
Big Country Blog
Bill of the Birds
Bird Advocates
Bird brained stories!
Bird Couple - Love ... birds
Bird Photos
bird QUIZ
Bird the Planet
Bird Traveling
Bird Treatment and Learning Center
Bird Watchers Notebook
Bird Watching: How to Study Birds
BirdBlog - ruffling feathers
BirdBreath Blog
BirdChick Blog
Birdfreak Birding Blog
Birding and Mountain Biking
Birding Bytes
Birding in Chico
Birding in Maine
Birding is NOT a crime!!!!
Birding on Broadmeade
Birding Sonoma County
Birding Watching in South Florida
Birds and Climate Change
Birds Etcetera
Birds of Plymouth Gardens
Birdwatchin' Buzz
Bloomingdale Village
bootstrap analysis
Boreal Bird Blog
Born Again Bird Watcher
BRDPICS - Bill Schmoker's Birding Blog
Bur Oak
Central Park Wildlife Photography
Chickadees, Juncos, and Jays Oh My!
Citizen Science Projects - Ornithology
Coastal Georgia Birding
Coffee & Conservation - Birds
DC Audubon Society
Drew's Birds
Duncraft's Wild Bird Blog
Eureka Nature
Feather Weather
Feathered Ghosts
Field Notes
Florida Big Year
FluidFive Birding
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
I and the Bird
Illinois Birds
Introduced Birds Weblog
It's a bird thing
Ivar's Birds
Ivory-bill Skeptic
Ivory-billed Septic
Ivory-bills LiVE!!
Jeff Gyr Blog
John C. Robinson's Birding Blog
Julie Zickefoose
Kyle's Blog
Limeybirder's Diary
Little Big Year
Lord Garavin's Bird Blog
Mad Birders
Magnificent Frigatebird - North America
Maine Birds
Marie Winn's Central Park Nature News
Midwest Birder
Mike's Birding & Digiscoping Blog
Mobile Search Team Travel Log - IBWO
Mokka mit Schlag - Birding
My Birding Journal
Natural History Artwork
NaturalVisions - Birds
News from the 2007 Search - IBWO
Night of the Kingfisher
North Coast Diaries
Notes from soggy bottom
NYC Nova Hunter
Ocellated (Birding)
Ohio Birding Blog
Omar's Birding
Operation Migration - In the Field
Ravens in Hollywood
Recent Bird Reports from Quebec
Remembering New Jersey
San Diego Birding and Photography
Saskatchewan Birding, Nature, and Scenery
Search and Serendipity
SE Colorado Birding
Southwestern Birding Tales
Sparroworking - Birds
Stokes Birding Blog
Susan Gets Native
Tails of Birding
The bird nerd's avian adventures
The Birdchaser
The Brownstone Birding Blog
The Choctawhatchee Search
The City Birder
The Egret's Nest
The Firefly Forest - Arizona Birds
The Flycatcher
The Hawk Owl's Nest
The Leica Birding Blog
The Nemesis Bird
The Origin of Species
The Plover Warden Diaries
The QUBS Review
The Urban Pantheist - Birds
Thoughts of an Iowa Birdwatcher
Today in NJ Birding History
Updates from Florida - IBWO
Urban Birder
Urban Hawks
Veracruz Hawkwatch
VINS Conservation Biology Blog
Whooper Happenings
WildBird on the Fly
Woodsong - Avian
Words on Birds
(d) Inactive Blogs (n=23):
A View from the North
Bird Notes from West Houston
Bird Watching for Birders
Birders on the Border
Brinkley Birding
Carolina Ivorybills
Chicago Bird Watching
East Bay Birders
For Elect Eyes Only
Hamilton Birding
Home Bird Days
Home Bird Notes
Home Conservation...for the Birds
The Chronicles
The Incorrigible Birder
The Rookie Birder
Windy City Birder
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the link and the mention! I love your blog, so it's a real honor to be included on your list.

    April 22, 2007 1:57 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The birth of every new bird blog results in the death of a species.

    April 23, 2007 4:41 PM  
    Blogger Julie in VT said...

    I think you can count my blog, Reason and Brimstone ( as a birding blog-- it started off as a political blog, and though I do include political commentary in it from time to time, I do a lot more discussion of birding than anything else, including a weekly Friday Bird Blogging feature.

    June 04, 2007 5:55 PM  

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