Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Searching for Sasquatch and Other Books for Children

Not long after posting my story about Bigfoot, I became aware of a book for children by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer called Searching for Sasquatch, “a compelling, original story about the adventures of a cryptozoologist and his skeptical son.”

Despite what some skeptics might think of cryptozoology, it is a subject of great interest to children (think dragons and such)—I myself was drawn to the subject as a young teen—and a great way to get children hooked on the natural sciences.

Other books by Lachenmeyer that might be of interest to birders with nestlings at home include The Decoy, a comic story about a lighthouse keeper who is convinced that the duck he has carved—a merganser—has come to life (available in June); and Broken Beaks, the story of a sparrow with a missing bill that helps educate youngsters about the tragedy of people who are homeless or mentally ill (available in the U.S. in fall 2007).


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