Friday, March 16, 2007

Climate and Conservation

Climate and is a new (still-in-development), wiki-style website that has been set up “as a portal, a point of entry, to organize, summarize, and distribute the existing information on Global Climate Change [GCC] and Global Warming, for use by biodiversity conservationists” and others.

As a wiki document,
[registered] users may contribute and edit the articles on the website. This is a way in which in which the knowledge base about Global Warming and Global Climate Change and their effects on avian conservation can be expanded and increased, rapidly and comprehensively.

Please feel free (and encouraged) to contribute articles and information to enrich the website. I’m especially hoping to get articles about birds and how they have been and will be affected by GCC. If you know of an article or report (it doesn’t have to be published), please add it to website. It can be an article you wrote yourself as well—you can blow your own horn.
Climate and is the brainchild of David A. Wiedenfeld, an American ornithologist with considerable field experience in the neotropics.


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