Monday, November 10, 2008

Precipitation Summary for October 2008

Daily precipitation was recorded on 24 of 31 days at our home on Crescent Lake, near Buchanan, Michigan, following CoCoRaHS (the Community Collatorative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network) protocols. Cumulative precipitation on the remaining 7 days (October 23-29) was determined from a multi-day report filed on October 29; days on which measurable moisture fell were inferred from precipitation maps.

Precipitation Summary: Measurable amounts of precipitation (i.e., ≥0.01 inches) in the form of rain or snow fell on 17 (55 percent) of 31 days, with a total accumulation (water equivalency) of 3.48 inches (0.11 inches/day, 0.20 inches/day with measureable precipitation). Precipation in the form of snow was recorded on 1 day (October 28th), with a total accumulation of approximately 1.0 inches and a liquid equivalent of 0.30 inches (as determined by a core measurement that was taken 24-hours later).

Comparisons: At CoCoRaHS stations elsewhere in Berrien and surrounding counties, measureable precipitation was recorded on 44.3 percent (360) of 813 reporting days, with values ranging from 34.7 percent (n=129) in St. Joseph County to 62.5 percent (n=40) in Cass County. Rainfall totals at 13 other CoCoRaHS stations in Berien and surrounding counties with 31 consecutive days (or equivalent) of measurements ranged from 3.11 to 3.99 (median 3.48).

Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Dew Point (at 7:00 AM): These readings were recorded on 25 days (October 1-22 and 29-31).
  • Temperature: High 58 (on 14th), Median 46, Low 30 (on 30th)
  • Relative Humidity: High 88 (on 8th), Median 79, Low 48 (on 29th)
  • Dew Point Temperature: High 53 (on 8th), Median 39, Low 19 (on 29th)

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