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Underwing Moths of Berrien County, Michigan

The underwing moths are the best known and most colorful of an assortment of otherwise rather drab and obscurely marked middle-sized moths assembled within the Family Erebidae. Often lumped with the owlet moths of an immense family known as the Noctuidae, the All-Leps North American Checklist has raised the underwing moths and their close relatives to the family level, a classification followed here.

Sherman Moore’s (1955) Annotated List of the Moths of Michigan (.pdf) documents the occurrence of 64 species of underwing moths and their allies (representing 7 subfamilies and 28 genera) from Berrien County.

Scientific names and higher-level classifications used in this list follows All-Leps. Common names are primarily from the BugGuide, supplemented with Charles V. Covel’s Eastern Moths in one or two instances. An asterisk (*) denotes a species documented from Berrien County by Moore, while a string of question marks (?????) denotes a species of questionable validity (i.e., I could not confirm Moore's original identity with a known species in All-Leps or the BugGuide).
Subfamily Boletobiinae:
  • Melanomma auricinctaria, Gold-lined Melanomma Moth*
  • Oxycilla basipallida (=panatela]* ?????

    Subfamily Calpinae (fruit piercing moths):
  • Plusiodonta compressipalpis, Moonseed Moth*
  • Scoliopteryx libatrix, The Herald*

    Subfamily Catocalinae (underwing moths):
  • Allotria elonympha, False Underwing*
  • Caenurgina crassiuscula, Clover Looper*
  • Caenurgina erechtea, Forage Looper*
  • Catocala amatrix, The Sweetheart*
  • Catocala amica, Girlfriend Underwing*
  • Catocala cara, Darling Underwing*
  • Catocala cerogama, Yellow-banded Underwing*
  • Catocala concumbens, Pink Underwing*
  • Catocala ilia, Ilia Underwing*
  • Catocala insolabilis, Inconsolable Underwing*
  • Catocala junctura, Joined Underwing*
  • Catocala neogama, The Bride*
  • Catocala parta, Mother Underwing*
  • Catocala praeclara, Praeclara Underwing*
  • Catocala relicta, White Underwing*
  • Catocala ultronia, Ultronia Underwing*
  • Catocala unijuga, Once-married Underwing*
  • Drasteria [=Syneda] grandirena [=limbolaris]*
  • Panopoda rufimargo, Red-lined Panopoda*
  • Parallelia bistriaris, Maple Looper Moth*
  • Spiloloma (=Strenoloma) lunilinea, Moon-lined Moth*
  • Zale lunata, Lunate Zale*
  • Zale lunifera, Bold-based Zale*
  • Zale obliqua, Oblique Zale*
  • Zale undularis, Black Zale*

    Subfamily Eublemminae:
  • Ledaea (=Spargaloma) perditalis, Lost Owlet*
  • Metalectra discalis, Common Fungus Moth*
  • Metalectra quadrisignata, Four-spotted Fungus Moth*

    Subamily Euteliinae:
  • Marathyssa inficita, Dark Marathyssa*
  • Paectes oculatrix, Eyed Paectes*

    Subfamily Herminiinae (dried-leaf moths):
  • Chytolita morbidalis, Morbid Owlet*
  • Chytolita petrealis, Stone-winged Owlet*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) aemula, Common Idia*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) americalis, American Idia*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) denticulalis, Toothed Idia*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) forbesii*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) julia*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) lubricalis, Glossy Black Idia*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) rotundalis, Rotund Idia Moth*
  • Idia (=Epizeuxis) scobialis, Smoky Idia*
  • Lascoria ambigualis, Ambiguous Moth*
  • Macrochilo (=Hormisa) absorptalis, Slant-lined Owlet*
  • Macrochilo (=Hormisa) litophora, Brown-lined Owlet Moth*
  • Palthis angulalis, Dark-spotted Palthis*
  • Palthis asopialis, Faint-spotted Palthis*
  • Phalaenostola (=Philometra) eumelusalis, Dark Phalaenostola*
  • Phalaenostola larentioides, Black-banded Owlet*
  • Renia factiosalis, Sociable Renia*
  • Renia flavipunctalis, Yellow-spotted Renia*
  • Renia salusalis*
  • Renia sobrialis, Sober Renia*
  • Zanclognatha laevigata, Variable Zanclognatha*
  • Zanclognatha lituralis, Lettered Zanclognatha*
  • Zanclognatha ochreipennis, Wavy-lined Zanclognatha*

    Subfamily Hypeninae (owlet snout moths):
  • Hypena (=Bomolocha) abalienalis, White-lined Bomolocha*
  • Hypena (=Bomolocha) baltimoralis, Baltimore Bomolocha*
  • Hypena (=Bomolocha) deceptalis, Deceptive Bomolocha*
  • Hypena (=Bomolocha) manalis, Flowing-line Bomolocha*
  • Hypena (=Bomolocha) palparia, Mottled Bomolocha*
  • Hypena (=Plathypena) scabra, Green Cloverworm Moth*

    Subfamily Scolecocampinae:
  • Amolita fessa, Feeble Grass Moth*
  • Amolita (=Arzama) obliqua, Oblique Grass Moth*
  • Isogona tenuis, Thin-lined Owlet*
  • Scolecocampa liburna, Dead-wood Borer Moth*

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