Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Field Notes from the Past #9

Being a continuation of field-journal entries from the springs of 1962 and 1963 when I was a budding ornithologist of just 15 or 16 growing up in the rural village of Galien in Berrien County, Michigan.
April 15 [1962], Sunday

When I started on my bird hike this morning it was snowing like mad. It snowed all the while I was gone until I came home, when the sun broke thru the clods [sic]. The sun was out only a minute[,] however, before it whent [sic] under the clouds and it started snowing again. It was overcast all day and the temperature never got above freezing.

The [Eastern] Bluebirds have completed a nest in house #2. The nest is made of weed stems and a few down feathers. The other houses were checked, but nothing was found in them. The bluebirds were not seen near house #2.

A Red-tailed Hawk was seen being chased by two [American] Crows.

Several Mallards were seen flying across the sky overhead.


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