Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Field Notes from the Past #1

In packing for my move to Michigan, I ran across some old field journals that had been lost for 40-some years. The first of these are from 1962, when I was just a lad of 15 growing up in a small town in Berrien County, Michigan.

April 1, Sunday [1962]

I set out six of the ten bluebird boxes today. I placed them all along the railroad tracks [just east of Galien].

In the afternoon I went to a membership meeting of the South Bend Audubon Society. Mom and Dad and Jim and Ado Boyce went along also. I joined the society as a student member for $2.00.

We were told that Whistling [=Tundra] Swans were seen yesterday in a small marsh near Springville [LaPorte County], Indiana.


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