Sunday, February 04, 2007

Googling the Ivory-billed Woodpecker #7: Localities

The results obtained from each of 15 key words Googled in combination with Ivory bill are compared here as they relate to Localities.
Texas 199,000
Florida 198,000
Carolina [North and South] 183,000
Louisiana 156,000
Arkansas 147,000
Cuba 143,000
Pearl [River, Louisiana] 67,500
"National Wildlife Refuge" [Cache & White rivers] 60,800
Cache [River, Arkansas] 45,900
"White River" [Arkansas] 33,600
Brinkley [Arkansas] 18,300
Choctawhatchee [River, Florida] 9,080
Congaree [Swamp and National Park] 1,400
"Bayou de View" [Arkansas] 709
"Big Thicket" [Texas] 595


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