Sunday, February 04, 2007

Googling the Ivory-billed Woodpecker #11: Principals Involved

The results obtained from each of 32 key words Googled in combination with Ivory bill are compared hereas they relate to the Principals Involved.

Considering the uproar over the Arkansas "rediscovery," John Fitzpatrick has apparently been able to keep a relatively low profile. And how can I possibly be garnering more "hits" than Fishcrow, Mennill, Lammertink, and Rolek?
Scott [Mary] 151,000
Jackson [Jerome] 125,000
Audubon [John James] 124,000
Dennis [John] 121,000
Nelson [Tom] 108,000
Sibley [David] 76,900
Russell [Bob] 66,000
Collins [Mike] 57,100
Harrison [Bobby] 54,800
Norton [Secretary] 38,100
Roosevelt [Theodore] 37,500
Gallagher [Tim] 34,700
Tanner [James] 33,500
Fitzpatrick [John] 30,600
Tate [James] 22,700
Erickson [Laura] 22,200
Luneau [David] 20,900
Hicks [Tyler] 19,100
Rosenberg [Ken] 18,800
Zickefoose [Julie] 17,300
Birdchick [aka Sharon Stiteler] 12,600
Remsen [Van] 10,600
Hoose [Phillip] 10,300
Prum [Richard] 1,220
“Geoffrey Hill” 982
Trapp [John] 954
Fishcrow [aka Mike Collins] 938
Mennill [Dan] 842
Lammertink [Martjan] 685
Bevier [Louis] 643
Catesby [Mark] 580
Rolek [Brian] 571


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