Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Peripatetic Shearwaters

From Good Times--the entertainment weekly of Santa Cruz, California--comes this very readable and entertaining cover story by Bruce Willey about the Sooty Shearwaters that flock to Monterey Bay in immense numbers each summer, their link to the indigenous Maori of New Zealand, and their possible role in helping to unravel the mysteries of El Nino. Something I learned that I didn’t know: Sooty Shearwaters were the inspiration behind Alfred Hitchcock’s The birds.


Blogger Bruce said...

Hello John,

Thanks for posting my story on your blog. That was a fun one to report and write. Now I'm thinkking of writing a book about the shearwaters but haven't a clue if anyone, or publishers for that matter, would be interested. Thoughts?

Thanks again, and great looking bird blog.



February 11, 2007 3:46 PM  

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