Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mad Duck

Subtitled "The Sportsman’s Voice for Waterfowl Conservation," the Mad website describes itself thusly:

Mad is a loose-knit group of veteran waterfowl hunters who, having witnessed the sharp decline in numbers of ducks over the past half-century, have joined forces to increase our migratory flocks and preserve our hunting heritage by restoring biological, ethical and managerial integrity to the collective enterprise known as "waterfowl management."
This is an extremely high-quality site with many provocative and well-written articles about ducks, including discussions of biology (with graphs and tables of actual statistics), commentary on duck management, and essays on the ethics of hunting. Mad Duck’s motto: "If we take care of the ducks, the ducks will take care of us." This site is of interest even to non-hunting bird enthusiasts like me.


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