Thursday, June 10, 2004

Birds as Cartoon Characters

With much appreciation to Don Markstein’s Toonopedia Website, I here list 29 bird or bird-like cartoon characters that have appeared in a variety of media, including comic books, television, movies:

Baby Huey (a giant baby chicken)
Beaky Buzzard
Birdman (a bird-human superhero)
Chilly Willy (penguin)
Count Duckula
Daffy Duck
Darkwing Duck
Destroyer Duck
Dinky Duck
Donald Duck
Foghorn Leghorn
Fox and the Crow
Hawkman (a bird-human creature)
Heckle and Jeckle
Henery Hawk
Howard the Duck
Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Donald’s nephews)
Plucky Duck
Road Runner
Scrooge McDuck (Uncle Scrooge)
Spacehawk (a bird-like alien creature)
Super Chicken
Tennessee Tuxedo (a penguin)
Tweety Bird (a canary)
Woody Woodpecker


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