Sunday, September 15, 2002

Bird Names of Berkeley County, West Virginia

Humans have historically named familar objects in their surroundings after familar natural history objects, including birds. Our ancestors often named lakes and streams, mountain ridges and valleys, and other natural features after familiar birds that shared their surroundings. We continue the tradition today by naming roads, streets, and subdivisions after familiar birds. The following names come primarily from the Berkeley County road map created by cartographer Lori Simmons and published by Explore Maps in 2001, supplemented by the U.S. Geological Survey’s Geographic Names Information System.

Communities (2):
Goose Nest
Swan Pond

Roads and Streets (69):
Bald Eagle Trail (The Woods Resort)
Bird Street (Pikeside)
Black Hawk Lane (The Woods Resort)
Bob White Lane (The Woods Resort)
Canada Goose Lane (The Woods Resort)
Cardinal Drive (Valley View Acres subdivision)
Chickadee Lane (The Woods Resort)
Chicken Hawk Drive
Dove Lane (Tice Manor subdivision)
Drake Avenue (Marlowe)
Eagle School Road
Egret Court (Cressen Run subdivision)
Falcon Drive (Red Hawk subdivision)
Featherbed Road
Finch Lane (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Flicker Lane (Quail Ridge subdivision)
Flying Dove Lane (Tomahawk)
Gander Lane
Glossy Ibis Lane (Summer Hill subdivision)
Goose Run Court (Foxcrest Manor subdivision)
Gosling Marsh Road
Grouse Trail (Glenwood Forest subdivision)
Harlequin Lane (Honeywood subdivision)
Hawks Nest Trail (Glenwood Forest subdivision)
Heron Lane (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Hummingbird Lane (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Jaybird Lane (Country Acres subdivision)
Jenny Wren Drive
Kestrel Drive (Red Hawk subdivision)
Killdeer Lane (Nadenbousch Heights subdivision)
Magpie Lane (Mockingbird subdivision)
Mallard Way (Falling Waters)
Merganser Lane (Cherry Run Village subdivision)
Merlin Drive
Mockingbird Circle (Mockingbird subdivision)
North Teal Road (Summer Hill subdivision)
Oriole Lane (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Osprey Lane (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Partridge Trail (Glenwood Forest subdivision)
Peacock Place (Highview Farms subdivision)
Peewee Lane
Peregrine Road (Summer Hill subdivision)
Pheasant Lane (Glenwood Forest subdivision)
Phoebe Way (Woodbrook subdivision)
Pileated Woodpecker Lane (The Woods Resort)
Pintail Lane (Quail Ridge subdivision)
Purple Finch Drive (Summer Hill subdivision)
Quail Drive (Quail Ridge subdivision)
Quaint Swan Dale Drive (Swan Dale subdivision)
Robin’s Lane
Ruddy Duck Lane (Summer Hill subdivision)
Ruffed Grouse Lane
Savannah Sparrow Lane (Summer Hill subdivision)
Sedge Wren Lane (Summer Hill subdivision)
Snail Kite Road (Summer Hill subdivision)
Snipe Lane (Summer Hill subdivision)
Songbird Lane (Mockingbird subdivision)
Swallow Court (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Swan Pond Road (Swan Pond)
Talon Drive (Red Hawk subdivision)
Teal Road (Summer Hill subdivision)
Thayer’s Gull Drive (Summer Hill subdivision)
Thrush Lane
Turkey Trail (Glenwood Forest subdivision)
Wading Heron Way
Warbler Lane (Mockingbird subdivision)
Whippoorwill Lane (Spring Mills Common subdivision)
Wren Street (Pikeside)

Structures (5):
Eagle Chapel
Eagle School Intermediate
Eagles School (historical)
Swanpond Post Office (historical)
Swan Pond Manor Historic District

Subdivisions (9):
Cardinal Crossing
Eagle Ridge
Goose Creek
Quail Ridge
Quail Springs
Red Hawk
Swan Dale
Swan Pond

Water Bodies (5):
Buzzard Run
Eagle Run
Goose Creek
Swan Pond
Swan Pond Spring


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