Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bird Blogs of Australia and New Zealand

What follows is a list of active and inactive bird blogs of Australia and New Zealand that are personally known to me. I’m sure that there are others that I have not yet discovered. My goal is to make this list as comprehensive as possible. I plan to update the list frequently, so if you know of other Australian or New Zealand bird blogs (or have one yourself) that should be included here, please leave a comment.
  • A Bird in the Bush (NSW)
  • An Australian Bird Bander (ACT)
  • Ben Cruachan - Natural History
  • Bird Anonymous (NSW)
  • Bird Explorers (NSW)
  • Bird Note—Words on Birds (NSW)
  • Birding - with Max (NSW)
  • Birds and Things (QLD)
  • Birds in Tasmania (TAS)
  • Blackbirdblog (New Zealand)
  • Cooloola Birds (QLD)
  • Craig Miller - Blogography (NSW)
  • Gouldiae's Blog (VIC)
  • Lucky's bird photography adventures (NSW)
  • Mark Young's Birding Blog (NSW)
  • My Birding Blogs (NSW)
  • Nordmann's Greenshank (NSW)
  • Nyoman's Birdwatching (QLD)
  • Richard Hall's Birding Blog (SA)
  • Sandy Straits and Beyond
  • Search and Serendipity
  • Steve Happ Photography
  • The Northern Myth – Birds (NT)
  • Trevor's Birding (SA)
  • Tyto Tony (QLD)

    Inactive (i.e., no blog-postings in more than a year):
  • ACT Big Twitch (ACT)
  • Birding South Australia (SA)
  • Dabbler (WA)
  • Local birds etc. (VIC)
  • Of Emus and Fairy Wrens
  • Last revised: 6/27/09.

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