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Fishes of Berrien County, Michigan

Historically known as Pisces, the ray-finned fishes are now grouped together in the Class Actinopterygii. Based on specimen records and distribution maps, 101 species representing 17 orders, 24 families, and 58 genera of ray-finned fishes are known from the lakes, rivers, and streams Berrien County or immediately adjacent waters of Lake Michigan. In the list below, an asterisk (*) denotes existence of a voucher specimen (Michigan DNR nd), a plus sign (+) denotes an accepted field identification not supported by voucher specimen (ibid.), a hat (^) denotes reported presence in Berrien County portion of the St. Joseph River and its tributaries based on distribution maps (MDNR 1999a, 1999b, and 1999c [all .pdf]), an [I] denotes a species established through direct or indirect intervention of humans, and an {SF} denotes a species for which annual sportfish regulations are established:

ORDER ACIPENSIFORMES (Sturgeons and Paddlefish)
Family Acipenseridae (Sturgeons):
  • Acipenser fulvescens, Lake Sturgeon+^ {SF}

    Family Polyodontidae (Paddlefishes):
  • Polyodon spathula, Paddlefish+
    Family Lepisosteidae (Gars):
  • Lepisosteus oculeatus, Spotted Gar+^
  • Lepisosteus osseus, Longnose Gar+^
    Family Amiidae (Bowfins):
  • Amia calva, Bowfin*^
  • ORDER ANGUILLIDAE (Freshwater Eels)
    Family Anguillidae (Freshwater Eels):
  • Anguilla rostrata, American Eel^ [I]
    Family Clupeidae (Herrings):
  • Alosa pseudoharengus, Alewife+^ [I]
  • Dorosoma cepedianum, Gizzard Shad*^
  • ORDER CYPRINIFORMES (Carps and Minnows)
    Family Cyprinidae (Carps and Minnows):
  • Camposotoma anomalum, Central Stoneroller*^
  • Carassius auratus, Goldfish+^ [I]
  • Couesius plumbeus, Lake Chub*
  • Cyprinella spiloptera, Spotfin Shiner*^
  • Cyprinus carpio, Common Carp+^ [I]
  • Hybognathus hankinsoni, Brassy Minnow^
  • Luxilus chrysocephalus, Striped Shiner*
  • Luxilus cornutus, Common Shiner*^
  • Nocomis biguttatus, Hornyhead Chub*^
  • Nocomis micropogon, River Chub^
  • Notemigonus crysoleucos, Golden Shiner*^
  • Notropis atherinoides, Emerald Shiner*^
  • Notropis heterodon, Blackchin Shiner+^
  • Notropis heterolepis, Blacknose Shiner*^
  • Notropis hudsonius, Spottail Shiner+^
  • Notropis rubellus, Rosyface Shiner*^
  • Notropis stramineus, Sand Shiner*^
  • Notropis volucellus, Mimic Shiner*^
  • Pimephales notatus, Bluntnose Minnow*^
  • Pimephales promelas, Fathead Minnow+
  • Rhinichthys cataractae, Longnose Dace+^
  • Rhinichthys obtusus, Western Blacknose Dace*
  • Semotilus atromaculatus, Creek Chub*^
    Family Catostomidae (Suckers):
  • Carpiodes cyprinus, Quillback*^
  • Catostomus catostomus, Longnose Sucker*^
  • Catostomus commersonii, White Sucker*^
  • Erimyzon sucetta, Lake Chubsucker^
  • Nypentelium nigricans, Northern Hog Sucker*^
  • Ictiobus niger, Black Buffalo^ [I]
  • Minytrema melanops, Spotted Sucker+^
  • Moxostoma anisurum, Silver Redhorse*^
  • Moxostoma carinatum, River Redhorse+^
  • Moxostoma duquesnei, Black Redhorse+^
  • Moxostoma erythrurum, Golden Redhorse*
  • Mosostoma macrolepidotum, Shorthead Redhorse*^
  • Moxostoma valenciennesi, Greater Redhorse+
    Family Ictaluridae (Bullhead Catfishes):
  • Ameiurus melus, Black Bullhead*^
  • Ameiurus natalis, Yellow Bullhead*^
  • Ameiurus nebulosus, Brown Bullhead^
  • Ictalurus punctatus, Channel Catfish+^ {SF}
  • Noturus flavus, Stonecat+^
  • Noturus gyrinus, Tadpole Madtom+^
  • Pylodictis olivaris, Flathead Catfish+^ {SF}
  • ORDER ESOCIFORMES (Mudminnows and Pikes)
    Family Esocidae (Pickerels and Pikes):
  • Esox americanus, Grass Pickerel*^
  • Esox lucius, Northern Pike+^ {SF}

    Family Umbridae (Mudminnows):
  • Umbra limi, Central Mudminnow*^
    Family Osmeridae (Smelts):
  • Osmerus mordax, Rainbow Smelt* [I]
    Family Salmonidae (Trouts and Salmons):
  • Corregonus artedi, Lake Herring+ {SF}
  • Corregonus clupeaformis, Lake Whitefish+^ {SF}
  • Corregonus hoyi, Bloater+
  • Corregonus reighardi, Shortnose Cisco+
  • Corregonus zenithicus, Shortjaw Cisco+
  • Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, Pink Salmon^ [I] {SF}
  • Oncorhynchus kisutch, Coho Salmon+^ [I] {SF}
  • Oncorhynchus mykiss, Rainbow Trout*^ [I] {SF}
  • Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Chinook Salmon+^ [I] {SF}
  • Prosopium cylindraceum, Round Whitefish+^
  • Salmo salar, Atlantic Salmon^ [I] {SF}
  • Salmo trutta, Brown Trout*^ [I] {SF}
  • Salvelinus fontinalis, Brook Trout*^ {SF}
  • Salvelinus namaycush, Lake Trout+^ {SF}
    Family Aphredoderidae (Pirate Perches):
  • Aphredoderus sayanus, Pirate Perch+^
    Family Gadidae (Cods):
  • Lota lota, Burbot*^
    Family Fundulidae (Topminnows):
  • Fundulus dispar, Starhead Topminnow*
  • Fundulus notatus, Blackstripe Topminnow*^
    Family Atherinidae (Silversides):
    Labidesthes sicculus, Brook Silverside*^
    Family Gasterosteidae (Sticklebacks):
  • Cluaea inconstans, Brook Stickleback^
  • Gasterosteus aculeatus, Threespine Stickleback+ [I]
  • Pungitius pungitius, Ninespine Stickleback+
    Family Cottidae (Sculpins):
  • Cottus bairdii, Mottled Sculpin*^
  • Cottus cognatus, Slimy Sculpin+^
  • ORDER PERCIFORMES (Perch-like Fishes)
    Family Moronidae (Striped Basses):
  • Morone americana, White Perch+ [I]
  • Morone chrysops, White Bass+ {SF}

    Family Centrarchidae (Sunfishes):
  • Ambloplites rupestris, Rock Bass*^ {SF}
  • Lepomis cyanellus, Green Sunfish*^ {SF}
  • Lepomis gibbosus, Pumpkinseed*^ {SF}
  • Lepomis gulosus, Warmouth+^ {SF}
  • Lepomis macrochirus, Bluegill*^ {SF}
  • Lepomis microlophus, Redear Sunfish+ {SF}
  • Lepomis peltastes, Northern Longear Sunfish+^ {SF}
  • Micropterus dolomieu, Smallmouth Bass+^ {SF}
  • Micropterus salmoides, Largemouth Bass*^ {SF}
  • Pomoxis annularis, White Crappie+^ {SF}
  • Pomoxis nigromaculatus, Black Crappie*^ {SF}

    Family Percidae (True Perches):
  • Etheostoma blennioides, Greenside Darter^
  • Etheostoma caeruleum, Rainbow Darter*^
  • Ehteostoma nigrum, Johnny Darter*^
  • Perca flavescens, Yellow Perch+^ {SF}
  • Percina caprodes, Logperch*^
  • Percina maculata, Blackside Darter*^
  • Sander vitreus, Walleye+^ [I] {SF}

    Family Sciaenidae (Drums):
  • Aplodinotus grunniens, Freshwater Drum+^

    Family Gobiidae (Gobies):
  • Neogobius melanostomus, Round Goby+ [I]

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