Monday, February 11, 2008


Recently launched by Steve Moore, BirdwatchRadio is “an audio podcast about birds & birders.” His initial offering is a winner. Broadcast from the floor of Birdwatch America in Atlanta, Georgia, it features smart and interesting interviews with representatives of companies that design products for birders (with a heavy emphasis on optics).

Interviewees include Jeff Bouton (Leica), Joe Hamilton (Vortex Optics), Clay Taylor (Swarovski Optik), Betsy Puckett (Droll Yankees), and Bart Stephens (Wingscapes). But my favorite by far (surprisingly to me) was Monteen McCord, the outspoken owner/operator of Hawktalk, a local Georgia nonprofit rehabilitation facility. Watch for additional BirdwatchRadio broadcasts to appear at the rate of about one or two per month.

If subsequent programs are as good as the first, you’ll want to become a regular listener or subscriber to BirdwatchRadio (click here to view your listening options).


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