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Known North American Bird Blogs #6

This list was last updated on April 20, 2007, when the addition of 30 blogs brought the list of known North American bird blogs to 208.

This update (a) adds 20 blogs, (b) deletes 5 blogs that are no longer available, and (c) includes 203 blogs previously listed (178 active and 25 inactive); resulting in (d) a total of 223 known North American bird blogs.

Criteria for inclusion on this list are found here.

(a) New Blogs (n=20):
  • Backyard Birding – “Welcome to backyard birding where we will celebrate the winged visitors to our own backyard,” by Dana Hanley (online since May 2007)

  • Badbirdz – Reloaded – “Keeping Noel’s dream alive, one migrant at a time,” by David La Pluma (March 2007)

  • Birding – “This blog will share my experiences as a ‘hardcore’ birder. I’ll write about the birds I see, the people I meet, the places I visit – and more; because there’s no such thing as ‘just’ birding,” by Richard in New York (February 2007)

  • Birding Notes – “Reflections on birds and other wildlife on the edge of a southern woodland,” by Sigrid Sanders in Watkinsville, Georgia (April 2005)

  • – Combining yoga and birding, by Cody Jo Wahto Sontag in Yelapa, Jalisco (September 2006)

  • Birds on the Brain – by DeeAnne in Georgia (March 2007)

  • BirdWatchers Blog – “We’ve added this blog so that you will always know the latest at,” by Debbie Lea in Grand Rapids, Michigan (January 2005)

  • BPBO Research Station Blog – The Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory fosters “the study, appreciation and conservation of birds and their habitats on the Bruce Peninsula,” by BPBO Station Scientist in Cabot Head, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario (October 2006)

  • Craig’s Birds – “Birding and photography of Minnesota birds,” by Craig K. Marble in Minnesota (April 2006)

  • – “Learn about birdseeds, suets, feeders and techniques for attracting a variety of wild birds to your backyard,” by Gordon Moe (January 2006)

  • In a Cabin by a Wood – “The view from my cabin door – sometimes looking out, sometimes looking in,” by Stormy in Brookshire, Texas (April 2006)

  • Nebraska Birding – “Because I love to birdwatch…,” by Kayleen in southeast Nebraska (May 2007)

  • News from the field….Lucky Peak and Camas NWR – from the Idaho Bird Observatory (September 2006)

  • Prairie Ice – “This is a collection of thoughts and photos of my life and work in Antarctica and the northern Great Plains of North America,” by John Carlson in eastern Montana (December 2006)

  • Quebec year list 2007 – by Mark Dennis in Quebec (December 2006)

  • SitkaNature – “An aspiring naturalist learns his place,” by gogg in Sitka, Alaska (February 2003)

  • The Shore Bird Project – “Following the activities of an international team of shorebird researchers as they survey and monitor populations and conditions of Red Knot and other shore bird populations between Bahia Lomas, Chile, and the Canadian Arctic,” by the Shore Bird Team in the Western Hemisphere (January 2007)

  • The Tiny Aviary – “For several months I have been volunteering at Chicago’s Field Museum preparing bird specimens. I mainly work on birds that have met their ends impacting downtown buildings. Every week the species I have prepared are recorded in watercolor sketches, and added to this avian memorial on a regular basis,” by Diana Sudyka in Chicago, Illinois (January 2007)

  • Tick Magnate – “The tattered field notes of an urban rustic,” by Paul in Hoboken, New Jersey (April 2007)

  • Trumbullbirder’s Bird Blog – “Birding Ohio and beyond,” by Ethan Kislter in NE Ohio (April 2007)
(b) Deleted Blogs/No longer available (n=5):
  • Audubon’s Daughter
  • Birdtography
  • Geobirding
  • Ivory-billed Septic
  • Kyle’s Blog
(c) Blogs Previously Listed (n=208)

(d) Complete List of Known North American Bird Blogs (n=223):
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    Blogger MojoMan said...

    Hello! As far as I can tell, Ivory-Bill Skeptic is still up and current:

    Your list looks like a great resource. Thanks!

    June 03, 2007 5:45 PM  
    Blogger John L. Trapp said...

    Yes, mojoman, Tom Nelson's Ivory-bill Skeptic is still up (and is listed), but Ivory-billed Septic has left us.

    June 03, 2007 6:33 PM  
    Blogger The Zen Birdfeeder said...

    I started The Zen Birdfeeder in April 2007 focusing on the birds and nature we find in our own yards. Would love to be included on your list!

    June 03, 2007 9:49 PM  
    Blogger Eleisia said...

    Thanks for including my bird blog, Chickadees, Juncos, and Jays Oh My!, about California birdwatching in your list of North American Bird Blogs. I've added you to my blogroll.

    Stop by again.

    June 06, 2007 3:09 AM  

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