Sunday, May 13, 2007

Random Gleanings from the BirdSphere #27

Introduction: A daily (or as often as I can find time to compile it) feature that highlights recent entries from North American bird blogs listed in my blogroll; also see here.

Today’s Featured Bird Blog:
Birdfreak Birding Blog – “Building a conservation community through birding,” by The Birdfreak Team in Rockford, Illinois (online since December 2006)
Today’s Featured Bird Blog Entry (excerpt):
Blogger Bio Blitz

Despite birding every day for the last week, we decided to do our Blogger Bio Blitz at our own preserve, the Callaway Nature Preserve. The C.N.P. is ¼ acre in size and is located in Rockford, a city of 150,000+.

First of all, our bug expert is only nine and he slacked off a bit, so our numbers are low there. [click here to read the rest of this entry, as originally posted by The Birdfreak Team on April 30, 2007]
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