Sunday, May 06, 2007

Random Gleanings from the BirdSphere #19

Introduction: A daily (or as often as I can find time to compile it) feature that highlights recent entries from North American bird blogs listed in my blogroll; also see here.

Random Bird Blog of the Day:
Fairfax Birding - "a group blog about birding, birds, and nature. Our focus is on the Fairfax area in Northern Virginia, but this will not stop us from posting about birding in other areas,” by Jeff and Greg in Fairfax, Virginia (online since January 2007)
Random Bird Blog Entry of the Day:
Warbler Hybrid

Back in June 2006 there was a great debate about an odd warbler that was caught at a banding station in New York state. Feathers from the bird were sent to Cornell Labs for DNA analysis. The answer is quite surprising.
[As originally posted by Jeff on April 20, 2007]

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