Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Gleanings from the BirdSphere #18

Introduction: A daily (or as often as I can find time to compile it) feature that highlights recent entries from North American bird blogs listed in my blogroll; also see here.

Random Blog of the Day:
A DC Birding Blog – "a creative outlet to write about my bird observations," by John Beetham in Washington, D.C. (online since June 2005)
Random Entry of the Day (excerpt):
IPCC Predicts Climate Change Impact for U.S.

The latest IPCC report on climate change predicts that the warming climate will produce severe results in the United States. As expected, it details the likelihood of more extreme weather events, easier spread of diseases, and species extinctions.

[click here to read the rest of this entry, as originally post by John Beetham on April 17, 2007]
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