Thursday, April 12, 2007

Introduced Birds

The subject of introduced birds has long been of interest to me. Last fall, I launched the Introduced Birds Weblog (IBW), a modest contribution modeled somewhat after Jennifer Forman Orth’s highly acclaimed Invasive Species Weblog. Despite my best intentions, I suffered through a severe bout of inertia and malaise in getting IBW off the ground. My interest in the subject continues unabated, however, and I have renewed my efforts to update IBW on a more consistent and regular basis.

The masthead for IBW proclaims it to be “a blog about the ‘birds from elsewhere’ – the alien, introduced, invasive, non-indigenous, and non-native birds of the world.” In actually, IBW will probably have a more modest focus, concentrating on the introduced birds with which I am most familiar, those of the North American continent.

Here, to whet your appetite, are the 10 most recent entries that have been posted to IBW:
  • Ring-necked Pheasants in South Dakota
  • Invasive Birds
  • Ring-necked Pheasant Leaflet
  • Captive-Reared Bobwhites Are Inferior to Native Birds
  • “The Myths that Surround the Monk Parakeet”
  • Alien Invaders
  • Northern Bobwhite in Ohio
  • Ring-necked Pheasants in Wisconsin
  • “List of bird species introduced to the Hawaiian Islands”
  • “Impact of invasive bird species monitored by Lab of Ornithology network”

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