Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vagrancy in Birds

Discusions on the Frontiers of Field Identification (aka ID-Frontiers) listserv ordinarily revolve around obscure field characters for separating similar species, the identification of supspecies, and so forth, with gulls and shorebirds being frequent subjects. Recently, discussions about a wayward Glaucous-winged Gull morphed into several threads discussing vagrancy in birds. In the following paragraphs, individual posts are listed in approximate chronological order, from oldest to most recent. The major theme deriving from these discussions is that vagrancy, far from being a "dead-end" journey for the individual(s) involved, may in fact be genetically beneficial at the species level.

  • Causes of extreme vagrancy (January 5-10, 2007)
    Wayne C. Weber
    Matt Sharp
    Tony Leukering
    Kenn Kaufman
    Floyd Hayes
    Kevin McGowan
    Shai Mitra
    Kevin Karlson
    Harry Lehto
    Alvaro Jaramillo
    Wayne C. Weber
    Jamie Chavez
    Martin Reid
    Wayne C. Weber
  • "Vagrancy" and other confusing terminology (January 9, 2007)
    Alan Wormington
  • A recent "vagrant" to ponder (January 10, 2007)
    Alan Wormington
  • Vagrants (January 10, 2007)
    Christopher E. Hill
  • Vagrants as colonists (?) in MA (January 10, 2007)
    James M. Barton
  • Vagrancy (January 10, 2007)
    Michael Smith
    Jim Pike
  • Vagrancy and juv dispersal (January 10, 2007)
    John Idzikowski
  • On vagrancy (January 10-11)
    Ian A. McLaren
    Nick Lethaby
    Matt Sharp
    Alan Contreras
    Norman D. van Swelm
    Laurent Raty
    Robert Wallace
    David Muth
    Bruce Mactavish
    Shaibal Mitra
    Alexander C. Lees
    Norman D. van Swelm
  • On Broad-billed Hummingbird Vagrancy (January 11, 2007)
    David Muth

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