Sunday, January 21, 2007

Online Ornithological Newsletters: Issue #2 (Alaska)

The purpose of this weekly series is to provides links to the online newsletters of local, State, and Provincial Audubon societies, bird clubs, bird observatories, and ornithological societies of the United States and Canada. Unless otherwise indicated, individual newsletters are in .pdf format. All of the links listed below are in .html format.

Alaska (4 newsletters listed below):

Arctic Warbler (newsletter of the Alaska Bird Observatory) - Issued 3 times/year (spring, summer, fall). 27 issues available online; earliest: December 1997.

The Raven (newsletter of the Juneau Audubon Society, Juneau) - Issued 9 times/year (September-May). 41 issues available online; earliest: September 2002.

The Redpoll (newsletter of the Artic Audubon Society, Fairbanks) - Issued 7 times/year (October-May). 32 issues available only; earliest: May 2002.

Wing Beat (newsletter of the Anchorage Audubon Society, Anchorage) - Issued 3 times/year. Formerly known as Okiotak. 9 issues available online; earliest: Spring 2003.


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