Thursday, November 02, 2006

Flattery Will Get You Recognized

Dorothy Borders of the Backyard Birder blog recently posted an entry entitled "Checking out the competition," wherein she reviews some of her favorite blogs about birds and birding. I was very flattered to find Birds Etcetera mentioned prominently among some of the leading luminaries of the bird-blogging world. Here’s an excerpt:

A couple of the top blogs on my list of favorites are by two Johns. The first one is A DC Birding Blog that addresses both local DC as well as national and international birding news. He has an entry on the Ivory-billed story also.

John Trapp of West Virginia writes the second blog. It's called Birds Etcetera AKA Bird Stuff. He's a good writer and always an enjoyable read and, like the other John, he pretty much covers the universe of birding [emphasis added].
Thank you, Dorothy, for this unsolicited (I swear!) flattery; my high school English teacher would be proud. I hope that I can live up to the billing.


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