Friday, March 15, 2002

Notes from Jefferson County

At noon on Thursday, at the National Conservation Training Center, I heard my first Eastern Phoebe of the year, although I'm sure that they have been in the area for a while.

Also, I heard American Crows and Fish Crows calling simultaneously along the Potomac River. This was an easy aural ID, but what would I have done if this was the height of the nesting season and fledgling American Crows were out and about and calling? Hint: The two species are extremely similar in appearance, to the best way to tell them apart is by voice, the cah-cah call of the Fish Crow being more nasal than that of the American. Fledgling American Crows (i.e., young birds just out of the nest), give a cah-cah call that very closely resembles that of the Fish Crow.

(Note: A modified version of this was posted on the WV-Bird listserv on 03/14/2002.)


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