Monday, September 23, 2002

West Nile Virus in West Virginia: An Update

As of September 19, approximately 811 dead birds had been reported to local health departments in West Virginia in 2002. Of 599 birds examined, 55 (9.2 percent) have tested positive for WNV. The 13 WNV-positive species include Mourning Dove (2 individuals), Great Horned Owl (1), Blue Jay (16), American Crow (7), Tufted Titmouse (1), Eastern Bluebird (2), American Robin (5), European Starling (1), Northern Cardinal (3), Common Grackle (2), House Finch (3), American Goldfinch (2), House Sparrow (8), and other birds (2). WNV has been confirmed in birds in 30 (54 percent) of West Virginia’s 55 counties. (Source: West Virginia Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program)


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