Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Ships of the Korean War With Bird Names

According to one source, 33 ships of the United States Navy named for birds served in the Korean War (all were minesweepers):

USS Chatterer AMS 40
USS Curlew AMS 8
USS Grosbeak AMS 14
USS Gull AMS 16
USS Heron AMS 18
USS Hornbill AMS 19
USS Hummer AMS 20
USS Kite AMS 22
USS Lark AMS 23
USS Linnet AMS 24
USS Magpie AMS 25
USS Merganser AMS 26
USS Minah AMC 204
USS Mockingbird AMS 27
USS Murrelet AM 372
USS Osprey AMS 28
USS Partridge AMS 31
USS Pelican AMS 32
USS Pigeon AM 374
USS Plover AMS 33
USS Ptarmigan AM 376
USS Redhead AMS 34
USS Redstart AM 378
USS Ruddy AM 380
USS Seagull AMS 55
USS Shoveler AM382
USS Surfbird AM 383
USS Swallow AMS 36
USS Swan AMS 37
USS Swift AM 122
USS Toucan AM 387
USS Waxbill AMS 39
USS Waxwing AM 389


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