Tuesday, August 13, 2002


That's the adjective that best describes how I have felt over the last couple of months. Over that time period, my typical week-day schedule has gone something like this: up at 4 AM, on the road at 4:30 AM, arrive at the office at 6:30 AM, leave the office at 4 PM, arrive home at 6 PM, leave home no later than 6:15 PM, arrive at chiropractors at 6:30 PM, leave chiropractors at 8 PM, arrive home at 8:15 PM, fix and eat dinner by 8:30 or 9 PM, in bed by 11 PM or so. Next day, get up and do it all over again! Whew! With a schedule like that I have been somewhat negligent in keeping the weblog up to date. I've hardly had time to gather my wits about me, let alone translate them into half-way intelligent sentences and paragraphs. I have no lack of subjects to write about, just the time to do it. Hopefully, things will improve in the near future.


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