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Ornithological Legacy of the Jack-Pine Warbler

For 67 years (1923—1990), the Jack-Pine Warbler was the renowned ornithological and scientific journal of the Michigan Audubon Society. Beginning with Volume 68, No. 1 (January/February 1991), this quarterly journal was transformed into a bimonthly newsletter publishing popular and semi-technical articles on Michigan and regional natural history, seasonal bird survey reports, and book reviews.

As a tribute to its 67-year ornithological legacy, I here list the 78 major article and short notes (exclusive of seasonal bird reports and annual summaries) that appeared in the last eight volumes of the Jack-Pine Warbler (the scientific journal), 1982—1989. This bibliography was compiled using Ornithological Worldwide Literature (OWL), an online, searchable database.

Seventy-five named authors from at least 13 States are associated with these 78 articles, with some being responsible for multiple articles. Of the 58 senior authors (of whom 40 were located in the State of Michigan), 25 were affiliated with universities (19 in 10 States) at the time of publication, 22 were unaffiliated, five were affiliated with State agencies (2), three were affiliated with non-profit organizations (2), two were affiliated with Federal agencies (2), and one was affiliated with a private consulting firm.

In the citations that follow, Jack-Pine Warbler is abbreviated JPW. Initials following the abstracts indicate the person responsible for preparing the abstract for OWL; D.N.E denotes David N. Ewert, while K.L.B. has not been identified.
  • Adams, R. J., G. A. McPeek, and D. C. Evers. 1988. Bird population changes in Michigan, 1966—1985. JPW 66: 71-86.—Species with population changes listed; reasons for changes discussed. D.N.E.

  • Baker, D. E. 1984. Kentucky Warbler nesting in Michigan. JPW 62: 26.—Nest in tamarack bog, Jackson Co., 28 June 1982; first definite State record. D.N.E.

  • Beaver, D. L. 1982. Avian populations and hydrocarbon development at Baker Sanctuary. JPW 60: 71-79.—Avian populations appear to be unaffected by an oil well adjacent to a 363-ha sanctuary. K.L.B.

  • Beaver, D. L. 1988. The response of bird populations to three years of wastewater irrigation on old fields in Michgian. JPW 66: 87-102.—Highest densities of fall migrants and breeding Agelaius phoeniceus on irrigated plots; highest densities of breeding Spizella pusilla and Passerculus sandwichensis on nonirrigated plots. D.N.E.

  • Brewer, R. 1988. An early Michigan bird list. JPW 66: 47-53.—Lists species found 1835—1870. D.N.E.

  • Bull, J. N. 1984. Two unusual instances of mobbing. JPW 62: 49-50.—By Tyrannus tyrannus and Agelaius phoeniceus. D.N.E.

  • Carpenter, T. W. 1989. Early June movements of Northern Saw-whet Owls at Whitefish Point, Michigan. JPW 67: 97-99.—Total of 21 Aegolius acadicus banded in 1980, 1982, and 1985. D.N.E.

  • Case, D. J., and W C. Scharf. 1985. Additions to the birds and land vertebrates of North Manitou Island. JPW 63: 17-23.—Records for 1980—1983. D.N.E.

  • DellaSala, D. A. 1985. The Yellow Warbler in southeastern Michigan: factors affecting its productivity. JPW 63: 52-60.—Discussed primarily in relationship to cowbird parasitism. D.N.E.

  • Devereaux, J., and L. Mason. 1985. Spring migration of White-winged Scoters, Common Mergansers, and Red-breasted Mergansers past Whitefish Point, Michigan: a preliminary study. JPW 63: 42-51.—Timing and magnitude of migration, flock size, and flight altitude in 1983. D.N.E.

  • Drewiske, D. F. 1986. Mobbing response of Black-capped Chickadees to tape-recorded Eastern Screech-Owl vocalizations. JPW 64: 11-17.—Mobbing response not reinforced by presentation of owl model. D.N.E.

  • Dunnell, A., and K. Dunnell. 1985. Kirtland’s Warbler at Great Stirrup Cay. JPW 63: 61.—Bahamas, 31 March 1984. D.N.E.

  • Elody, B. I., and N. F. Sloan. 1985. Movements and habitat use of Barred Owl in the Huron Mountains of Marquette County, Michigan, as determined by radiotelemetry. JPW 63: 3-8.—Prefer old-growth hemlock and hemlock-sugar maple forest. D.N.E.

  • Evers, D. C. 1987. First State [Michigan] record: Sage Thrasher. JPW 65: 37-38.--Oreoscoptes montanus, Whitefish Point, 16 May 1986. D.N.E.

  • Evers, D. C. 1989. White-winged Dove: a first Michgan. JPW 67: 29.—Observation of Zenaida asiatica on 10 May 1986 at Whitefish Pt. D.N.E.

  • Ewert, D. N. 1982. Spring migration of loons at Whitefish Point, Michigan. JPW 60: 134-143.

  • Francke, C., and B. Grefe. 1984. White Ibis sighted in Saginaw County. JPW 62: 51.—Third sight record for Michigan. D.N.E.

  • Francke, C., R. Grefe, and E. Kenaga. 1988. New Michigan nesting record: Cattle Egret. JPW 66: 20-21.—First Michigan nest of Egretta ibis, 1985, Bay Co. D.N.E.

  • Goodman, S. M. 1982. A test of nest cup volume and reproductive success in the Barn Swallow. JPW 60: 107-112.—No relationship was found. K.L.B.

  • Goodman, S. M. 1982. Age and sexual morphological variation in the Kirtland’s Warbler (Dendroica kirtlandii). JPW 60: 144-147. D.N.E.

  • Gosling, D. C. L. 1984. A troglodytic nightmare. JPW 62: 78.—Winter Wren entangled in spider web. D.N.E.

  • Hamas, M. J., and J. C. Gillingham. 1984. Northern Cardinals breeding on Beaver Island. JPW 62: 75.

  • Hoffman, R. D. 1982. Spring bird use of muskrat lodges. JPW 60: 113-117.—Seventeen species used lodges for loafing, feeding, display, or nesting. K.L.B.

  • Hoffman, R. H. 1989. Status of the Sandhill Crane population in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula 1986—87. JPW 67: 18-26.—Total 2,500—3,000 Grus Canadensis in Lower Peninsula during 1987 breeding season; annual rate of increase (1973—1987) 10.6%. D.N.E.

  • Hoffman, R. H. 1993. Changes in the wetlands selected by an increasing Sandhill Crane population. JPW 61: 51-60.—A summer population of Grus Canadensis in SE Michigan increased from 58 in 1970 to 98 in 1982; the typical wetland used each year became smaller, shallower, and closer to human disturbance. D.N.E.

  • Hoffman, R. H. and J. I. Hoffman. 1986. Birds observed at the Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary, 1935—85. JPW 64: 3-10.—Observations summarized by decade. D.N.E.

  • Hull, C. N. 1983. Eastern Phoebe nests at relocated nest site. JPW 61: 100.

  • Hull, C. N. 1989. Additional Pine Siskin nesting records for southern Michigan. JPW 67: 131-133.—Summarizes 8 nesting records, 1986—1987. D.N.E.

  • Hull, C. N., et al. 1989. First and second documented records of Rufous Hummingbird in Michigan. JPW 67: 94-96.—Selasphorus rufus photographed in 1988 in Houghton and Ogemaw counties. D.N.E.

  • Ilnicky, N. J. 1984. Mountain Bluebird in Upper Michigan. JPW 62: 50.—Third sight record for Michigan. D.N.E.

  • Ilnicky, N. J. 1984. First Mockingbird nesting record for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. JPW 62: 53.—Mimus polyglottos.

  • Inkley, D. B. 1984. American Robin nestling trapped in nest. JPW 62: 52.—By monofilament line. D.N.E.

  • Irwin, R. E. 1989. “Spotted” towhee in Michigan. JPW 67: 72.—First Michigan record of Pipilo erythrophthalmus maculatus, 19 January 1988, Washtenaw County. D.N.E.

  • Jensen, W. F., W. L. Robinson, and N. L. Heitman. 1982. Breeding of the Great Owl on Neebish Island, Michigan. JPW 60: 27-28.—A 20 July sighting of an adult and three fledged young in Chippewa Co. K.L.B.

  • Kellt, A. H. 1983. Birds of S.E. Michigan and S.W. Ontario, notes on the years 1975—1981. JPW 61: 3-12.

  • Lederle, P. E., B. C. Pijanowski, and D. L. Beaver. 1985. Predation of Tree Swallows by the least chipmunk. JPW 63: 135.—One adult, 1 egg, and 6 nestlings predated in nest boxes; others probably taken. D.N.E.

  • Lerg, J. M. 1984. Status of the Common Barn Owl in Michigan. JPW 62: 39-48.

  • Long, C. A. 1982. Nest-site distractions displays by birds with egg-like spots in the wings. JPW 60: 22-26.—The author argues that white wing spots displayed by White-winged Nuthatches and Common Nighthawks during defense of the nest may mimic eggs and that predators will be attracted to them. K.L.B.

  • Losito, M. P. 1984. Possible nest-helping by a Black-throated Green Warbler. JPW 62: 52.—At Sphyrapicus varius nest. D.N.E.

  • Ludwig, F. E., and C. N. Hull. 1989. Observations of colonial waterbirds at the Saginaw Bay diked disposal facility, Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, 1986—1989. JPW 67: 128-131.—Occurrence of herons, gulls, and terns. D.N.E.

  • Ludwig, J. P. 1984. Decline, resurgence, and population dynamics of Michigan and Great Lakes Double-crested Cormorants. JPW 62: 91-102.—Breeding population increasing 40%/yr. D.N.E.

  • Ludwig, J. P. 1988. Observations on the 1965 and 1966 mortalities of alewives and Ring-billed Gulls in the Saginaw Bay-Lake Huron ecosystem. JPW 66: 2-19.—High Mortality of Larus delawarensis attributed to botulism type E from eating putrefied alewives. D.N.E.

  • Ludwig, J. P. et al. 1989. Food habits and breeding ecology of nesting Double-crested Cormorants in the upper Great Lakes, 1986—1989. JPW 67: 114-126.—Phalacrocorax auritus is generalist, opportunistic feeder, D.N.E.

  • Macdonald, M. E. 1984. Observations on the return of Bald Eagles to Copper Harbor. JPW 62: 51-52.

  • Martin, C. J. 1989. Additions to the bird fauna of Isle Royale National Park, Keweenaw County, Michigan. JPW 67: 66-69.—Between 1983 and 1988. D.N.E.

  • McGrath, J. E. 1987. Some notes on the removal of House Sparrow nests in the vicinity of Eastern Bluebird nests. JPW 65: 40.—Evicted House Sparrow apparently killed adult and nestling bluebirds in nest box. D.N.E.

  • McGrath, J. E., and J. C. Moss. 1988. Ruby-throated Hummingbird completes nesting at relocated site. JPW 66: 159-160.--Archilochus colubris.

  • McWhirter, D. W. 1987. Commensalistic feeding exhibited by wood warblers in association with a garter snake. JPW 65: 15-16.

  • Minick, M. C. 1984. Existence of a gray-eyed Great Horned Owl. JPW 62: 75-77.

  • Mott, S. H. 1982. First Michigan record of a Black Skimmer. JPW 60: 29-30.—A single bird sighted 22 August 1981 on Saginaw Bay. K.L.B.

  • Parmalee, D. F. 1988. Some observations on nest dates and site fidelity of Gray Jays and ravens in Dickinson County, Michigan. JPW 66: 158-159.--Perisoreus canadensis nests in Picea or Abies at edge of bogs, eariest young 28 March; earliest Corvus corax young 23 March. D.N.E.

  • Paterson, R. L., Jr. 1982. Passerine community structure at the beech-maple coniferous forest interface. JPW 60: 15-21.—Fewer species bred in beech-maple segments than in mixed coniferous segments. The author speculates that greater structural diversity in the latter may be responsible for the difference. K.L.B.

  • Pierce, P. A. 1982. Behavior of fledgling Great Blue Herons in a Michigan heronry. JPW 60: 4-14.—During 40 h of observations fledglings engaged in flight practice 20% of the time. K.L.B.

  • Pike, E. A. 1985. The Piping Plover at Waugoshance Point. JPW 63: 36-41.—Status and breeding biology, 1974—1982. D.N.E.

  • Probst, J. R. 1985. Summer records and management implications of Kirtland’s Warbler in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. JPW 63: 9-16.—Low probability of establishment away from current range suggests no management be done outside northern Lower Michigan. D.N.E.

  • Ryel, L. A. 1982. The Kirtland’s Warbler in 1982. JPW 60: 147-150.—Median population size of 23 colonies was 3 males (mean = 9). The six largest colonies contained 70% of the singing males. K.L.B.

  • Ryel, L. A. 1983. Status of the Kirtland’s Warbler, 1983. JPW 61: 95-98.—Documents 215 singing males. D.N.E.

  • Ryel, L. A. 1984. Situation report, Kirtland’s Warbler, 1984. JPW 62: 103-105.—Synopsis of censuses, 1951-1984. D.N.E.

  • Scharf, W. C. 1989. Coastal Great Blue Heron and Great Egret colonies of the Michigan Great Lakes. JPW 67: 52-65.—Compares numbers of Ardea herodias and Casmerodius albus nests between 1976—1977 and 1987, with comments on each colony. D.N.E.

  • Scharf, W. C., and G. W. Shugart. 1983. New Caspian Tern colonies in Lake Huron. JPW 61: 13-14.

  • Schumacher, C. M. 1983. Recent northern records of the Louisiana Waterthrush in Michigan. JPW 61: 61-62.

  • Smith, D. C., and J. Van Buskirk. 1986. Herring Gull predation on migrating bats. JPW 64: 23.—Two diurnal observations in May over Lake Superior. D.N.E.

  • Smith, J. P. 1986. Mobbing behavior of Herring Gulls on Sharp-shinned Haks over Lake Superior. JPW 64: 24.—Three hawks forced down and presumably drowned on 18 May 1985. D.N.E.

  • Smith, R. 1984. Common Barn Owl in northern Lower Peninsula. JPW 62: 53.

  • Taylor, C. M. 1984. The Common Loon in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 1975. JPW 62: 77-78.—Loons seen on 22 of 111 lakes surveyed. D.N.E.

  • Van’t Hoff, T. J., G. P. Waldbauer, and H. M. Van’t Hof. 1983. Summer records of Northern Three-toed Woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus) and Gray-cheeked Thrush (Catharus minimus) in northern Michigan. JPW 61: 82.—Both seen 24 July 1982 at same site, Chippewa Co. D.N.E.

  • Walkinshaw, L. H. 1983. The Lincoln’s Sparrow in Michigan. JPW 61: 75-81.—Synopsis of author’s field work over 50 years: migration, distribution, nesting, and mensural data. D.N.E.

  • Walkinshaw, L. H. 1984. Changes in winter bird life in Michigan: sixty years of Christmas Bird Counts in the Battle Creek, Michigan, area. JPW 62: 63-69.

  • Walkinshaw, L. H. 1985. Birds found in Michigan jack-pine burns: fifty-three years of observation. JPW 63: 24-35.—Summer records. D.N.E.

  • Walkinshaw, L. H. 1989. The Greater Sandhill Crane in Michigan: an update on nest data, with observations on nest fidelity. JPW 67: 3-17.—Each of 3 nesting areas of Grus canadensis studied intensively for minimum of 13 yr. D.N.E.

  • Wang, Y. T. 1985. Mallard parasitizes Canada Goose nest and completes incubation. JPW 63: 61.

  • Wear, G. D., and P. A. Crawford. 1983. Additional spring observation of Black-headed Grosbeak in Michigan. JPW 61: 62.

  • Weinrich, J. A. 1988. Status of the Kirtland’s Warbler, 1987. JPW 66: 154-158.—Tallied 167 singing male Dendroica kirtlandii in 1987, lowest since 1974. D.N.E.

  • Weinrich, J. A. 1989. Status of the Kirtland’s Warbler, 1988. JPW 67: 69-72.—Reports 207 singing male Dendroica kirtlandii in Michigan and 8 in Wisconsin. D.N.E.

  • Weise, T. F. 1987. Status of the Kirtland’s Warbler, 1985. JPW 65: 17-19.—Counts of singing males summarized by county, 1961, 1971—1985. D.N.E.

  • Wiens, T. P. 1989. Spring migrant Boreal Owls at Whitefish Point, Michigan. JPW 67: 88-93.—Reports banding of 316 Aegolius funereus, 1978—1988. D.N.E.

  • Wolinski, R. A. 1985. Short-term commensal feeding of Barn and Tree swallows with European Starlings. JPW 63: 62.

  • Wolinski, R. A. 1988. Some bird population changes in Michigan: 1900—1965. JPW 66: 55-69.—Data on ca. 15 species. D.N.E.
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    Am intrigued by the notation that so many species of birds used muskrat lodgings as recently as 1982--especially in light of the healthy group of muskrats we had here in our lake two years ago, and the subsequent murder of all of them by our neighbor. The impact on our bird population will certainly be affected. I'm constantly amazed by how interconnected we all are. . . Marj F

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