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Michigan Birds and Natural History

Michigan Birds and Natural History (MBNH), the formal journal of the Michigan Audubon Society, is a worthy successor to the venerable Jack-Pine Warbler, which was reduced to a mere newsletter about 15 years ago and has now been transformed into one of those slick magazines (so popular today) designed for popular consumption.

Published five times a year, each issue of MBNH is packed with information gathered by amateurs and professionals about the birds and other widlife of the Great Lakes State. Everyone interested in the natural history of Michigan should consider subscribing to this fine journal. A sample of a recent issue is available here (.PDF). To further whet your appetites, I here list the contents of a few selected past issues:

Volume 16 (Number 1), January—March 2009
  • Cover Photograph: King Rail walking across the county line from Bay into Arenac on 27 June 2008, by Doug Jackson.

  • The 2008 Kirtland’s Warbler Census, by Michael E. Petrucha and Elaine Carlson. Pp. 1-6.

  • Seasonal Use of Snags and Downed Logs by Vertebrates in a Small Wetland in Livingston County, Michigan, by Richard A. Wolinski. Pp. 7-17. Photo: aerial view of the Dexter Trail Wetland study area.

  • Michigan Bird Survey: Summer 2008 (1 June—31 July), compiled by Louie J. Dombroski. Pp. 18-43. Photos: (a) Willets at Tiscornia Beach, Berrien Co., in June 2008, by Tim Baerwald, p. 26; (b) juvenile Heermann’s Gull (Michigan’s second) in Houghton Co. on 18 July 2008, by Joe Youngman, p. 28; (c) Green Violetear (Michigan’s third) at Shelter Bay, Alger Co., on 6 July 2008, by Kirk Zufelt, p. 29; (d) Northern Wheatear (Michigan’s first in spring) in Grand Marai, Alger Co., on 6 June 2008, by Skye Haas, p. 33; (e) Yellow-throated Warbler in Marquette on 20 July 2008, by Beth Olsen, p. 36; (f) Cerulean Warbler in Marquette, by Betth Olson, p. 37; (g) Henslow’s Sparrow (Michigan’s first Upper Peninsula record) in Menominee Co. on 14 June 2008, by Kirk Zufelt, p. 40.

  • Suggestions to Authors, by the editor. P. 44.
  • Volume 15 (Number 5), November—December 2008
  • Cover Photograph: Carolina Wren, 3 January 2009 at Elizabeth Park, Trenton, Wayne Co., by Jerry Jourdan.

  • The Role of Severe Winter Weather in the Colonization, Extinction, and Reestablishment of a Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) Population, by Jacob Job and Peter Bednekoff. Pp. 193-200.

  • Actions of the Michigan Bird Records Committee for 2007, by Caleb G. Putnam. Pp. 201-248.

  • Michigan Banding Summary for 2007, by Mike Bishop. Pp. 249-264. Photo: hatch-year male Dickcissel captured 20 October 2007 at Pitsfield banding station (where new), Kalamazoo Co., by Rich Keith, p. 250.
  • Volume 15 (Number 3), June—August 2008
  • Cover Photograph: Bohemian Waxwing, 30 January 2008 in Berrien Co., by Kip Miller.

  • Nesting Proximity of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in Michigan, by Allen T. Chartier. Pp. 93-96. Photo: location of two Ruby-throated Hummingbird nests in Raisinville Twp., Monroe Co., showing surrounding habitat.

  • First Sage Thrasher (Oreoscoptes monantus) for Southern Lower Peninsula and Review of Previous Michgian Records, by Jonathan T. Wuepper. Pp. 97-99.

  • Michigan Bird Survey: Winter 2007—2008 (December—February), compiled by Jonathan T. Wuepper. Pp. 100-123. Photos: (a) Pacific Loon (Washtenaw Co.’s first) at Portage Lake on 29 December 2007, by Joshua Haas, p. 107; (b) Rough-legged Hawk in Oakland Co. on 14 January 2008, by Tom Pavlik, p. 113; (c) Short-eared Owl in Washtenaw Co. on 21 December 2007, by Bruce Bowman, p. 113; (d) Brown Thrasher in Superior Twp., Washtenaw Co., on 26 January 2008, by John Copley, p. 116; (e) Bohemian Waxwing at Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., on 3 February 2008, by Darlene Friedman, p. 117; (f) male Pine Grosbeak in Lapeer Co. on 17 March 2008, by Allen T. Chartier, p. 120.

  • Michigan Christmas Bird Counts: 2007—2008, compiled by Glenn R. Palmgren. Pp. 124-140.
  • Volume 14 (Number 5), November—December 2007
  • Cover Photograph: Prothonotary Warbler, 1 May 2005, by Robert Epstein.

  • Birding Newaygo County, Michigan, by Bill Sweetman. Pp. 177-182.

  • Long-term Philopatry of a Hibernating Eastern Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus subflavus), by Rachel B. Bricklin, Allen Kurta, Steven M. Smith, and Bill Scullon. Pp. 183-185. Photo: Eastern Pipistrelle with forearm band, p. 184.

  • First Documented Breeding of the Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea) in Eaton County, Michigan, by Matthew Bohan and Michael A. Sanders. Pp. 186-188. Photos: (a) Prothonotary Warbler at Grand Wood Park in Eaton County, 20 May 2007, by Matthew Bohan, p. 187; (b) male Prothonotary Warbler near nest cavity on Grand River at Grand Woods Park in Eaton County, 20 May 2007, by Matthew Bohan, p. 187.

  • Actions of the Michigan Bird Records Committee for 2006, compiled by Caleb G. Putnam. Pp. 189-220.

  • Michigan Banding Summary for 2006, compiled by Mike Bishop. Pp. 221-240.
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