Sunday, March 01, 2009

Facebook for Birders

Are you interested in expanding your network of birding friends? Then you might want to check out Gunnar Engblom’s beginners guide for using Facebook for just such a purpose. A recent convert to Facebook myself, I’ve found that it provides a great way to meet and keep in touch with birding and blogging friends across the globe.


Anonymous Gunnar Engblom said...

Hi John

Thanks for the plug. I wanted to add your blog to my Google Reader, but I cannot find the RSS feed on your page.
If you want to add my blog to your RSS reader (I do recommend Google Reader , but you probably already knew what great resource that is in order follow a large number of blogs) here is my blog.
I blog about birding, mostly from Peru, but also elsewhere; and I blog about social media for birders -such as the Facebook manual. Hope you like it.
I am also adding you to my blog roll. Will appreciate reciprocal link, if possible.

I am preparing a new manual called "blogging for birders". We need to become better as a community and support each other.



March 30, 2009 2:21 AM  

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