Sunday, March 01, 2009

Birding News 3

Selected stories about birders and birding culled from the world's newspapers and other news outlets, as gathered with the aid of Google news alerts:
  • Festival proves birding is more interesting than reality TV (Albert Lea Tribune, Minn.)—The Sax-Zim Bog Winter Birding Festival; birding at 11 degrees below zero.

  • Boys of a feather count together (The Oregonian, Portland)—"The Hinkle twins were 5 when they started watching – really watching – the birds of Mount Tabor." Includes video.

  • Ill. corner a soar spot for mighty Bald Eagle (Chicago Sun-Times, Ill.)—The Alton-Grafton area “is home to the second largest wintering population of Bald Eagles in the lower 48.

  • Watching feathered friends inspires Japanese-style poetry (Columbus Dispatch, Ohio)—Interview with Michael J. Rosen, author of The cuckoo’s haiku and other birding poems.

  • Snow Owl returns to Maryland (WBAL Radio, Baltimore)—A notable irruption has produced multiple records of Snowy Owls in Maryland this winter for the first time in at least 24 years.

  • Dripping Springs man earns annual Golden Eagle birding award (San Marcos Daily Record, Tex.)—"Howard Williams turned his Dripping Springs yard into a bird magnet by providing food, shelter and water for avian visitors," and was awarded a $50 check and a framed certificate by the Wimberley Birding Society.

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