Saturday, December 22, 2007

Carbon-Neutral Birding—The BiGBY

Are you a die-hard lister? Have you ever fretted about the impacts on the environment of chasing birds around your State in a gas-guzzling pickup or SUV? Well, fret no more, as Sparroworking in Quebec has come up with one of the coolest ways for birders to be green and still enjoy the fun of competitive birding: the Big Green Big Year, or BiGBY for short.

Two types of BiGBY are recognized:
  • The Walking BiGBY – Includes all species seen in areas reached by foot by walking from home. This is like extended Backyard Birding.

  • The Self-Propelled BiGBY- Same as above except that cycling, boating (i.e., by canoe or rowboat), skiing, and snowshoeing are included as acceptable modes of transportation.
  • To learn more about the BiGBY and to sign up to do your own Big Green Big Year, go to the “Bigbying” Web site. You’ll get to know the birds of your neighborhood better, improve your health, and do something positive for the environment and the birds.


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