Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eagles of West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources recently published a brochure on the Eagles of West Virginia (.pdf) that highlights differences between Bald and Golden eagles.

Bald Eagles:

On what may be the only excursion train in the country named for an eagle, the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad offers tourists a 3-hour narrated excursion through the tranquil and picturesque South Branch Valley of the Potomac River. Bald Eagles are sighted on more than 90 percent of the excursions. The train runs on weekends from May through erly November, departing from Romney, West Virginia.

Golden Eagles:

Researchers at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh have announced a project in which are tracking the movements of two Golden Eagles trapped and tagged near Central City in south-central Pennsylvania. It’s fascinating to view the different migration routes and wintering movements of the two eagles as they moved through and about West Virginia this winter (see birds #39 and #40).


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