Sunday, February 18, 2007

Online Ornithological Newsletters: Issue #6 (British Columbia)

The purpose of this weekly series is to provide links to the online newsletters of local, State, Provincial, and national Audubon societies, bird clubs, bird conservation organizations, bird observatories, and ornithological societies of the United States and Canada. Unless otherwise indicated, individual newsletters are in .pdf format. All of the links listed below are in .html format.

British Columbia (9 newsletters listed below):

BC Birding (newsletter of British Columbia Field Ornithologists) - Issued quarterly. 1 example currently available online: September 2006 (Volume 16, Number 3). The masthead features a Varied Thrush.

Central Okanagan Naturalist [scroll to The Newsletter] (newsletter of the Central Okanagan Naturalists Club, Kelowna) - Issued 10 times/year. 10 issues currently available online (all from 2006).

Newsletter (of the Burke Mountain Naturalists, Coquitlam) - Issued monthly (except July). 1 issue currently available online: March 2003 (Number 143).

Newsletter (of the Central Valley Naturalists, Abbotsford) - Issued 6 times/year. 4 issues currently available online, in both .html and .pdf formats: earliest: March 2006. The masthead features a Hooded Merganser.

The Arrowsmith Naturalist (newsletter of the Arrowsmith Naturalists, Parksville) - Issued 3 times/year, in February, June, and October. 1 issue currently available online (February 2006).

The Herald Heron (newsletter of the Chilliwack Field Naturalists Club, Sardis) - Issued 4-5 times/year. 35 issues currently available online: earliest: January 1999 (Volume 4, Issue 1). The masthead features a Great Blue Heron.

The Honker (newsletter of the South Okanagan Naturalists’ Club [SONC], Penticton) - Issued 5 times/year. 15 issues currently available online; earliest: January 2004. The mast-head features a Canada Goose in flight adjacent to a Bewick's Wren, the logo for the SONC.

Sage Whispers (newsletter of the Kamloops Naturalist Club, Kamloops) - Issued monthly, except June and July. 13 issues currently available online; earliest: November 2005.

Vancouver Naturalist [scroll to PUBLICATIONS] (newsletter of the Vancouver Natural History Society, Vancouver) - Issued quarterly. 32 issues currently available online; earliest: March 1999 (Volume 1, Issue 1).

Links to Previous Issues (with number of newsletters listed):

Alabama (4), Alaska (4), Alberta (6), Arizona (7), and Arkansas (2).


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