Sunday, February 25, 2007

100 Recent Referrals

I present here, in alphabetical order, 100 consecutive keyword search requests (with duplicates omitted) that directed people to Birds Etcetera over the course of a couple of days in mid-February 2007.

"barn owl" "birds of Virginia"
"blue goose" bird information population minnesota
"Flight of the goose"
"ivory-billed septic"
"Long-tufted Screech Owl
"Shaibal Mitra" ornithologist
10000 meter paraglider
alcossebre john british
are birds more important than man [yes, of course!]
Arm Hammer Bird Cards
audubon birds european bullfinch
berrien birding club
big birds with 2 toes
bird blogs
bird crow
bird gestalt
bird indian hen
birds & cartoon characters
birds + mutualism + roosting
birds and mating ritual
birds etcetera
birds in NW Louisiana
birdwatching sex [combining two favorite passions?]
birdwatching trip +sex [yet again?]
bluebirds arrival date
boraxine buffalo [huh?]
brown bird scavengers in illinois
cardinal bird/native american +folklore
caricature of sparrow and pheasant
cereal known as Kellogg's Krumbles
city of birdes
climate change unequivocable
collective noun for grackles
Conservation NASA LVIS
crane, a bird of extreme sacredness
dating birde
derogatory bird name dodo buzzard
does "red-headed" have a hyphen? [duh!]
dove rehabilation
drink sex bird [combining three favorite passions?]
eagle nest watching in West Virginia
eku class syllabus robinson ornithology
elvis birds names
encyclopedia: like now about the northern cardinal
eroticism photograph [oh really?]
etymology pileated
european comparison american bird names
free bird patterns ivory-billed woodpecker
fresno "slate colored junco"
george breiding
Group name for Northern sparrowhawk
Harold Mayfield
humorous bird conservation stories
ibwo septic
identifying West Virginia Backyard birds
indian hen woodpecker
ivory bill septic
ivory billed septic
ivory billed woodpecker
ivorybill septic
ivory-billed septic
ivory-billed woodpecker 2007
ivory-billed woodpecker 2007 blog
ivory-billed woodpecker blog search google
ivory-billed woodpecker fraud
logo de cajones bluebird
middletown ohio wildlife painter
most beautiful birds in the US
most frequently googled words united states
native birds west virginia
newsweek cardinal kill
north american woodpeckers identification
nw pa big bird pictures gray brown belly
online jigsaw puzzles,colorado falls
oologist subjects
origin of the name , the lord god bird
paraglider attack by hawks
photos birds and garden Canada
places to watch birds in nj in february
predatory birds kentucky
protection from predators for blue jay aka bird
randolph county wv
raty michigan
Sarah Safir
seahawk australia birds
seahawk birds
slimy sex
slug sex
The Runaway Birde [wasn't that Runaway Bride?]
Vermont bird count February 2007
walda cameron in the news
watching eagles nest in WVA
west virginia bald eagle nesting site
west virginia elk
White faced storm petrel graph
woodpecker id\
words that relate to birds
And the Federal government was interested in getting their hands on this kind of data? Um, why, exactly? To learn that some weirdos are interested in slimy sex and slug sex? So does that make me a weirdo, too, just because I once wrote about slimy slug sex?


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