Monday, June 26, 2006

Referrals to Birds Etcetera

Every once in a great while, I find it fun (in a purely vain sort of way) to review the Internet search terms, phrases, and key words that lead searchers to Birds Etcetera. I here list the 100 most recent searches that prompted Internet users to visit this blog. For each entry, I list (in order) the Internet search engine used (Google, etc.), the exact search term(s) used (in bold), the rank of Birds Etcetera in the resultant list of sites (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), and the total number of sites returned. Birds Etcetera ranked first in 23 searches, in the top 5 in 57 searches, and in the top 10 in 87 searches. In the finally analysis, I'm not sure that this means a whole hell of a lot, and I'm not at all sure that the information gleaned from the the Birds Etcetera entries that were retrieved from the search requests met the expectations of the searchers.

Google: RED HEADED BIRDS IN va (1st of about 12,600,000)
Google: bird ringing blog (1st of about 5,570,000)
Google: southwestern Michigan birds (1st of about 1,360,000)
Google: arm and hammer posters (1st of about 1,130,000)
Google: red headed woodpecker virginia (1st of about 661,000)
Google: Madonna flipping bird (1st of about 417,000)
Google: paintings, shenandoah river (1st of about 194,000)
Google: cormorants for sale (1st of about 126,000)
Google: readers digest in defense of clutter (1st of about 54,900)
Google: ornithologist bird directory (1st of about 42.200)
Google: fayette missouri screaming eagles (1st of about 12,500)Google: cam, web, live, bird, hawk, egret (1st of about 911)
Google: birds chicken hawks photos in east Tennessee (1st of about 909)
Google: birding by giss (1st of about 657)
Google: "preston" "henslow's sparrow" (1st of about 419)
Google: penalty for killing pileated woodpecker (1st of about 279)Google: "western meadowlark" toy bird series to buy (1st of about 126)Google: “Arm & Hammer” “Series 2” bird cards (1st of about 105)Google: cressen run subdivision (1st of about 71)
Google: “birds in west Virginia” (1st of about 62)
Google: newest birdwatchers craze newest birdwatcher material games (1st of about 54)
Google: birds blooms magazine bird cam (1st of about 16)
Google: orange breasted birds (2nd of about 1,100,000)
Google: birds warren woods michigan (2nd of about 925,000)
Google: ivory-billed woodpecker (2nd of about 445,000)
Google: popularity of birding (2nd of about 154,000)
Google: bird seahawk (2nd of about 85,000)
Google: mute swans cedar rapids traverse city (2nd of about 629)
Bellsouth: re headed woodpeckers (2nd)
Yahoo: SOUND BYTES, CROW, CAH (2nd of about 23)
Google: “doubledee farm” (2nd of about 22)
Google: bird stuff (3rd of about 41,400,000)
MSN: birds and stuff (3rd of about 2,063,826)
Google: church & dwight bird (3rd of about 944,000)
Google: carved toilet seats (3rd of about 489,000)
Yahoo: wv wild birds (3rd of about 364,000)
Google: church dwight bird cards (3rd of about 336,000)
Google: bird population wv (3rd of about 313,000)
Google: daily show bald eagle ed helms (3rd of about 20,600)
Google: riverside park lynchburg postcard (3rd of about 19,300)
Google: Rare Warbler LaCrosse Wisconsin (3rd of about 15,100)
Google: birdwatch camouflage gear (3rd of about 248)
Google: sea hawk photographs bird (4th of about 2,960,000)
Google: swallow wv (4th of about 220,000)
Google: Vireo bird in West Virginia (4th of about 144,000)
Yahoo: bird jokes, ravens (4th of about 35,300)
Google: Elmhurst College Blue jay logo? (4th of about 34,300)
Google: ban on propane cannons (4th of about 32,900)
Google: frigate bird lore (4th of about 31,800)
Google: purchse food for pigeons on long island (4th of about 44)
Google: southwestern Michigan bird species (5th of about 5,420,000)
Google: wild birds of michigan (5th of about 1,250,000)
Google: European Starling black sun (5th of about 240,000)
Google: nigger goose (5th of about 115,000)
Google: wildlife rehabilitation Marion County, WV (5th of about 102,000)
Google: andy+hansroth (5th of about 217)
Google: wv birds (6th of about 878,000)
Google: shagg birds (6th of about 9,980)
Google: "bird thief" (6th of about 2,510)
Google: “sea hawk” “native american” (6th of about 749)
Yahoo: crested flightless birds, Georgia (6th of about 503)
Google: sparrow hawks ma’m (6th of about 110)
Google: identify west virginia birds (7th of about 5,060,000)
Google: moulton park west Virginia (7th of about 666,000)
Google: identify birds of wv (7th of about 609,000)
Google: random lists of adjectives (7th of about 599,000)
Google: the ivory billed woodpecker news june 22nd (7th of about 16,900)
Google: bird watching mississippi swainson's warbler (7th of about 12,800)
Google: White-tipped Doves mosquitoes (7th of about 576)
Yahoo: birding blogs (7th of 22, by popularity)
Google: bird songs birds of virginia (8th of about 3,180,000)
Google: Moulton Park wv (8th of about 507,000)
Google: national Audubon society birds flowers 50 states stamps (8th of about 52,700)
Google: boarding season for house wrens (8th of about 42,200)
Google: osprey seahawk bird (8th of about 23,200)
Google: pet etcetera in vancouver (8th of about 15,000)
Google: “lori simmons” texas (8th of about 250)
Google: birding stuff (9th of about 808,000)
Google: bald eagle in wv (9th of about 358,000)
Google: "birds of baltimore" (9th of about 103)
Yahoo: native ohio trees (10th of about 1,320,000)
Google: s. dillon ripley (10th of about 464,000)
Yahoo: bird cartoon characters (10th of about 54,200)
Google: “blue grosbeak” west Virginia (10th of about 54,200)
Yahoo: bird watching Lemoore ca (10th of about 514)
BlogSearch: kanoya (10th of about 193)
Google: dawn dish detergent (11th of about 106,000)
Google: west virginia bird species (12th of about 29,300,000)
Google: eagle watching jacksonville florida (12th of about 674,000)
BlogSearch: blaine harden (12th of about 356)
Google: bird hood emblems ornaments antique (13th of about 97,600)
Google: west virginia song birds (15th of about 7,450,000)
Google: Windecker Plastic airplane (15th of about 106)
Google: chester county wildbird rescue (16th of about 545)
Yahoo: commentary The catbird seat by James Thunder (18th of about 147)
Google: “spiritual awakening” + blog (22nd of about 95,400)
Google: birds of wv (31st of about 1,290,000)
Google: Northern mockingbird territorial displays (41st of about 34,200)
Google: quotes about birds (66th of about 10,500,000)
Google: new hood ornaments for classic and antique automobiles (168th of about 72,500)


Blogger John B. said...

Well, now I know where to look for carved toilet seats! It's not as disturbing, though, as some of the other search terms. Sometimes I am surprised at the things people are looking for.

June 26, 2006 3:14 PM  
Blogger John L. Trapp said...

The remarkable thing is, I really DID post an entry on bird-carved toilet seats!

June 26, 2006 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you must be wrong about the Google "ivory-billed woodpecker" search. I have used that search constantly the last year and have never seen your site. (I wish I had. But never did.)

That search just gets the usual suspects, CLO, FWS, that silly Mary Scott site,, etc.


June 27, 2006 11:40 AM  
Blogger John L. Trapp said...

Yikes! You're right, Anonymous! When I Googled "ivory-billed woodpecker" from I computer at work yesterday, Birds Etcetera did not appear anywhere in the search results. Why am I getting these conflicting results? I'll have to look into this and get back to you later.

June 28, 2006 7:45 AM  

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