Friday, May 26, 2006

Ornithologists in the News #1

These news items gleaned from Google News span the period from May 19-25, 2006 (and are listed here in reverse chronological order):

In Iceland, ornithologist Olafur K. Nielsen reports that a recent spell of harshly cold weather has killed a number of nesting birds and driven others off their nests. (05/25)

In Pacific Grove, California, the Museum of Natural History’s new permanent exhibit will feature “The Life Adventures of Rollo Beck,” a career ornithologist and scientific collector extraordinaire (1870-1950). (05/25)

Nigel Clark, an ornithologist with the British Trust for Ornithology, is quoted on the significance to shorebirds of the purchase by the non-profit Conservation Fund of a 75-acre spit of sand, mud, and rock in Mispillion Bay, Delaware. (05/25)

Catherine Rideout, an ornithologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, is quoted in this article about Mississippi Kites frequenting in towns. (05/24)

French ornithologist Pierre Jouventin has produced DNA evidence that the rockhopper penguins of Amsterdam and St. Paul islands are a unique species, Eudyptes moseleyi. (05/24)

Obituary of Patrick Watt Sandeman, a Scottish ornithologist who spent many years studying Golden Eagles in the Scottish Highlands. (05/24)

Laura Erickson, staff ornithologist at and the genius behind the Birder Blog (and who has recently published her third book about birds) is the focus of this wonderful interview. (05/21)

Michael Good, identified as an ornithologist who runs a nature tour business, is quoted in this article on the Down East Birding Festival. (05/21)

Cliff Shackleford, an ornithologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is quoted in this article on bird-plane collisions. (05/20)

Allan Drewitt, senior ornithologist for English Nature, is quoted on the recovery of the Marsh Harrier. (05/19)

Brief remarks of Mark Robbins, a University of Kansas ornithologist, in response to news that Ivory-billed Woodpeckers eluded searchers this winter. (05/19)

CapeNature ornithologist Tony Williams on a proposal to shoot seals that “came into the colony, killed birds and ate them,” forcing the gannets to leave the island. (05/16)

Daniel Klem, an ornithologist at Muhlenberg College, is quoted on the special treatment being afforded to birds that collide with buildings in Chicago. (05/13)


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