Monday, May 22, 2006

More on Birders and Bloggers

This post follows up on an earlier discussion of the frequency with which 24 different types of outdoor activities, including birding, are mentioned by bloggers. That discussion focused on the verbs used to describe the activities. In a slight variation of that theme, this post examines the frequency with which the nouns used to describe the people who engage in each of those activities appear in blog postings.

Over the past six months, birders garnered less attention from bloggers than people engaged in 13 other kinds of outdoor interests (fishers, hunters, campers, hikers, boaters, joggers, bikers, golfers, surfers, swimmers, sailors, skiers, and gardeners), more attention than 8 others (white-water rafters, snorkelers, snowmobilers, whale watchers, cavers, hang gliders, beachcombers, and sunbathers), and about the same amount of attention as 3 more (kayakers, canoeists, and rock climbers). The details follow, thanks to the magic of BlogPulse:

Birders versus fishers and hunters (virtually the same result as obtained for birding-fishing-hunting, with birders barely registering a blip on the graph)

Birders versus campers and hikers (the result is similar to that for birding-camping-hiking, with birders on the very bottom)

Birders versus boaters and kayakers (compared to birding-boating-kayaking, this graph indicates more equality between birders and kayakers, but boaters are mentioned at least twice as frequently as birders)

Birders versus canoeists and rock climbers (in marked contrast to birding-canoeing-rock climbing, this confused graph shows much overlap in coverage, but note peaks in the mention of birders associated with Christmas Bird Count in mid-December and spring migration in mid-May)

Birders versus joggers and white-water rafters (in contrast to birding-jogging-rafting, birders are mentioned appreciably more often than white-water rafters but 3-5 times less frequently than joggers)

Birders versus bikers and golfers (just as with the birding-biking-golfing comparison, birders rank at the very bottom)

Birders versus surfers and swimmers (as was the case with birding-surfing-swimming, birders just can’t compete with surfers and swimmers)

Birders versus sailors and skiers (as with the birding-sailing-skiing comparison, birders don’t merit nearly as much attention as sailors and skiers)

Birders versus snorkelers and snowmobilers (in marked contrast to birding-snorkeling-snowmobiling, birders come out on top compared to snorkelers and snowbilers)

Birders versus gardeners and whale watchers (similar to the birding-gardening-whale watching comparison, except that birders are mentioned significantly more frequently than whale watchers)

Birders versus cavers and hang gliders (considerably more messy than the birding-cave exploration-hang gliding comparison, but nevertheless birders are more "popular" than cavers and hang gliders)

Birders versus beachcombers and sunbathers (again, a more muddled picture than for birding-beachcombing-sunbathing, but birders win out over beachcombers and sunbathers)


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